Personal Growth

for a truly Contented Life

Personal growth is a consistent approach to improve the level of self-knowledge and to ensure growth in every aspect of life; such as mental, physical and spiritual for maximization of inherent potential to lead a truly contented life.

Personal growth is an ongoing process. There is no such thing like, limits or saturation point associated with personal growth. No matter at what stages of life you are, you can always find something to learn and grow as a person.

Personal growth makes a person better today than yesterday. It is your personal growth, which is going to remain with you forever. It becomes the intrinsic part of your personality. Your personal growth defines your own individuality; the core of your unique personality.


By the very personal growth definition, the area of personal growth is mental, physical and spiritual. There is great inter-relations among each area of personal growth. A healthy physic is essential for proper development of mind, and the growth in mental and physical areas cannot be beneficial for humanity in general without the good character; which are built by spirituality.

Personal growth and development are a life-long process, and everyone has the capacity to learn and grow throughout the life. Although personal growth is essential for everyone to have a contented life but keeping focus on one area over the others does not fulfill the requirement of what we mean by personal growth. Maintaining a balance and giving attention to each area is very much essential to realize the personal growth goal in life.


Self-knowledge is the foundation for personal growth and spiritual understanding. It is the self-knowledge that defines the path for your personal growth. The simple rule is that, 'to raise the height of your personal growth; you must increase the level of your self-knowledge.

The self-knowledge helps you to understand your real self; your strength as well as your weaknesses. In other words, self-knowledge is the stepping stone to walk down to the personal growth path. Once you understand your real self, you can chart-out the road-map for your personal growth.


According to the law of nature, all living things, including we all human being, is either growing or dying. Growth is the sign of life. Whether you embrace personal growth or not, changes is bound to happen in yourself and around you with each passing fraction of time.

Changes are the only things which remain constant in life. It is an automatic process. It does not require your permission to happen. Everything in this world is constantly changing. However, experiencing changes in yourself and in the world around you are not an indication of growth.

Most of the people do not deal with changes in a positive way to learn and grow in life and because of that they become stagnant due to their consistent desire of living in their comfort zone. The changes bring paralyzing fear for them about what life ahead.

The desire to live within the comfort zone is the prime reason to halt personal growth in life. It makes the person feel uncomfortable to do things in a different way and has varied experiences in life, which are crucial for personal growth. Unless a person chooses to deal with changes confidently, personal growth is not possible for them.

Personal growth is a choice. You have to make a conscious choice to move past your fear of unknown in order to make personal growth.


Personal growth is very much personal. The meaning of personal growth varies from person to person at any given time. So it is not wise to compare yourself with other because everyone has different priority best suited to their requirement.

Personal growth is about being your better self not a perfect one. The best part of personal growth is that you can go for it anytime no matter at what stages of life you are. There is always an opportunity available to make improvement and make life a little bit better than it was supposed to be.

Hence, always aim for personal growth in every aspect of life to develop as a mentally, physically and spiritually strong individual. The energy and time invested for personal growth will not only make you confident enough to face problems of life head-on but also fill your life with success and happiness. So embrace for personal growth in every situation to have a truly contented life.

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