Mental Growth for Success in Life

The faculty of a person that enables them to be conscious and aware of themselves, and others is known as mind. The possession of mind is a sign of living being. Non-living things like stones, chairs, etc., cannot be conscious and aware of themselves.

Mind is a non-physical, self-energized, immortal subtle form of matter, which resides in the brain, midway between the eyebrows. It connects itself with the body through the link of brain and controls all the activities of body. It follows the law of cause and effect. Any change in the state of mind can affect the body and vice versa.

Mental And Emotional Health

A good mental and emotional health is essential for optimal well-being in life. Mental health is associated with cognitive well-being, whereas emotional health is a physical reaction to particular situations. Taking care of mental and emotional health pays a rich dividend over the time in form of life satisfaction. Read more


Thoughts are the most powerful force on the earth. Everything, right from the mode of transport to medium of communication is because somebody has thought of it. You need to train your mind to derive maximum benefit out of it by producing useful thoughts.Read more


The basic nature of mind is that it moves from one thought to another very fast. According to ancient saints, mind is considered fastest in the world. It even travels faster than the light, which travel at the speed of 3,00,000 kilometer per second. In a split of second, the mind can reach anywhere in the world. However, mind could be best utilized by focusing it on one thought for a certain period of time.Read more


By the law of nature, the ultimate potential of everyone is the same. Anyone could reach at the top in their chosen field provided they explore the potential of their mind. Hence it is of immense value to make your mind behave in a right direction and help you to realize your desired goal smoothly.Read more


The world is always dominated by the mind and money. The power that money hold is incredible, but it has its own limitations. It cannot generate intelligence. However, intelligence can generate money. That is why, the progress of a person is not dependent on economic reason, but on their improved intelligence. So to excel and enjoy life, you need to enrich your mind.Read more

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