Beat the Monday morning blues

Personal Growth

The term Monday morning blues are associated with an affliction of being weary of the workplace. It is most common now-a-days. Often most of the people are tempted by certain job because that job is lucrative. They do not consider their own interest and ability before choosing the profession. As they do not love their job, they find their workplace grim and the day seems endlessly long. That is why, while choosing a profession, you should keep in view your ability and interest to beat the Monday morning blues.

The Monday morning blues are an indication that something is not right at workplace, and you are not happy. The reason for your depression, tiredness and hopelessness at the workplace could be: you are not passionate about your work; the opportunity for advancement is not available or the environment is not appropriate. No matter what the reason for Monday morning blues are, it affects you badly and your personal life also suffers due to this.

The best way to beat the Monday morning blues is to identify where your passion lies. Once you have done that, try to integrate it within your work because it is difficult to find a job that you will whole-heartedly love to do. And if you cannot integrate your passion with your job, then make a planned shift to making your livelihood out of the job which you love to do.

Further, if there is no opportunity for advancement in a profession you work, then you have a genuine case of dissatisfaction, and that leads to boredom at the workplace. In that case, you should start to find another job where your talent could be rewarded. But never do it in a hurry, calculate the pros and cons before changing your job to avoid the unwanted problems.

The Environment could also be the reason for Monday morning blues. It dampens all zeal for work. However, becoming over sensitive to the environment will not make you feel happy anywhere because some sorts of office gossip and leg pulling is available everywhere. So it is best to make your environment tolerable for yourself by adopting yourself to it. Never indulge in gossips and avoids complaining about your colleagues. Above all never criticize your boss in front of colleagues otherwise they will gain favor at your cost.

Finally always keep in mind, to climb higher in any profession, you need vast experience and expertise. You cannot acquire these qualities overnight. Your passion for the work is the only way out to stand tall in your chosen field. Once you finalize your profession after due consideration then sticks to it to acquire the knowledge and experience much needed to move on the carrier path. You should drop the idea of changing your jobs frequently by trying to integrate your passion in your present job to beat the Monday morning blues and climb the success ladder confidently.