Physical Growth for Being Healthy

Personal Growth

There are very distinguished interrelations between the mind and the body. What affects the one affects the others. You cannot remain angry without affecting your body. The moment you become angry, your face flush; eyes widen; muscles tighten, and the nerves squeeze. The illness caused by mental pressure is slow in nature, but it is as fatal and vivid as brought by wrong diets and germs.

Adopt a healthy way of living while dealing with tight schedule, deadlines and daily commute. Use your own commonsense to choose the food from available options at any particular moment. Take maximum quantity of raw foods, such as fruits and salads, then prefer less quantity of boiled one and after that eat minimum of fried foods. Avoid too hot or cold drinks. And finally as water constitutes 70% of our body, so drink plenty of water.

Regular exercise can add a new dimension in your personality. It can enhance your overall look by burning more calories and making the body look toned. It cannot only make you look good and feel better but also help to keep most of the health problems at bay.

Avoid Junk Foods

Conserve energy

Live longer

Maintain good posture

Reap the benefit of relaxation

Regulate your diet

Do regular exercise
Doing regular exercise can increase your energy level and helps you feel good by producing endorphins, chemical that can help a person to feel happy. It also strengthens your body and power of resistance.Read more

Reap the benefit of meditation!
Meditation means to turn inwards and being conscious of inner self or thoughts. It inculcates a more positive attitude towards life at large. It is good for mind as well as the body. Meditation not only makes the mind calm, relaxed and stress free but also help the heart, blood pressure and breathing.Read more