Keep Your Dignity Intact in a Relationship

Personal Growth

Maintaining the sense of dignity while dealing with complexity of relations is the toughest challenge in almost everyone lives. The health of relationships; be it personal or professional, depends on the mutual love and respects. So to have worthy relationships, you all need to treat our partner with respect, and at the same time you also need to keep your dignity intact.

We, all human beings, want to be treated with dignity and this is our basic desire. In fact, no one wants to be treated badly. It is the birth right of everyone to feel worthy, deserving and live with dignity.


Relationships thrive on mutual love and respects for each other. To make a healthy relationship, each partner needs to understand others well and make some compromise to fulfill the wishes or suit the nature of each other for the sake of their relationships.

Mutual understanding and compromise provide the sense of self-worth to each partner and both partners, live with dignity. By living with dignity, each partner feels worthy for the others. That is why, for a thriving relationship, it is essential to maintain mutual respect.


In relationship, it is important for each partner to draw boundaries for making compromise. Everyone requires little distance and a sense of self-respect for their own individual growth. A relationship based on the cost of one partner dignity becomes enduring for each other directly or indirectly.

Hence, do not compromise your dignity to keep the relationship going. If you bend over backward just to please your partner, you will keep your dignity at stake and make yourself vulnerable to lose your own individuality.

Dignity is about being worthy of honor and respect for yourself. To have dignity is to have high self-esteem and at the same time honor the other person also. It is a self-expression to carry oneself with respectful manner and a core of everyone's aspirations.


To live with dignity is to have a healthy self-esteem and respect others as well. No matter whatever the situations you have to face, you need to keep yourself calm and handle the situation without compromising with your self-respect.

Your dignity is going to remain with you forever as a source of motivation in a difficult situation if you keep them intact. People may come and go in your life at different stages of life; your financial positions could be good or not so good, but your dignity is the only thing which can provide the everlasting happiness to you.

Nobody respects a person who has no dignity. If you lack dignity, you will make yourself vulnerable to misuse and abuse. That is why you must always maintain a certain level of self-respect otherwise people are ready to use you for their own benefits.

Living with dignity is a key to happiness. It is nothing to do with your social positions and financial status. You only need to believe in yourself, being aware of your worthiness and who you are as a person is more than enough to keep your head high.

Hence, while dealing with complexity of relationships, always make sure you do not trade your dignity in exchange of getting your partner's attention and love. Your dignity is your core of being as a unique individual in this world, and it was with you even before your partner comes into your life. If you have to take tough decisions in life due to the demand of situations, keep your dignity intact. You are individual first and partner later not the otherwise. So keep your dignity intact in a relationship to feel worthy for your partner and have healthy relationships in life.