Have Courage to Take Action

Personal Growth

The true sign of courage lies in taking action to realize what seems natural to you and live life to the fullest. Your greatest ideas and potential to make them come true is not going to make any difference in your life unless you have the courage to take action. It is up to you to give up and live a mediocre life or develop courage to do things, which ought to be done despite your fear to make your life worthwhile. That is why, if you want to live your life happy, enriching and up to your potential, you need to build courage to take action.

The biggest irony is that most of the people know what they have to do in order to improve their live and add value to the world, but they do not have the courage to take action. Their fear of failure holds them back from following their desired goal. They start to doubt their own capabilities and feel the lack of confidence whenever they try to go beyond their comfort zone to do things, which need to be done to make their dreams come true. Their fear for security does not allow them to take risks in life even if life seems boring to them due to familiarities of things in daily basis.

Hence, the real secret of life of ecstasy and abundance lies in having enough courage to accept the challenges and takes initiative in spite of all the fears. The fear will be always there whenever you risk the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar because you never know whether you will be able to make it or not. No doubt you cannot avoid your share of failures when you challenge your fear and start taking actions. However, failure is nothing more than a learning how to be successful. It is worthwhile to build courage and takes risks because success is on the other side of failure.

To build courage, you need to start doing things, which ought to be done despite your fear. Make a habit to risk your security for the opportunity. At the initial level, you have to force yourself to take action in spite of your fear for the unknown. But, once you develop the habit of facing the challenges of life again and again; you fear will start disappearing slowly and slowly because the reward of your action brings tremendous joy. Then you will be always searching for the opportunity over the security. The ecstasy of joy obtains while facing the fear for realizing your dreams will make inaction the things of the past.

Finally, life is an adventure's journey. Do not let your fear make you stuck on the way. Moving ahead despite fear is an act of courage. If you do not dare to move forward, you will never reach anywhere. If you look forward to live life you always wanted to live, make your fear work for you, nor against you. You can minimize the unproductive effect of fear by enhancing your skills, expertise and determination to never ever try to give up. In a nutshell, have courage to take action for the abundance in life.