Key to Success

Personal Growth

Success is perhaps the most desired and discussed attributes of human personality. Even history keeps the track-record of extra-ordinary successful people. However, no successful has ever said that success is easy. There are setbacks, challenges, roadblocks, critics and a moment of self-doubt on the way to success. Everyone tries to realize their desired goal, but very few people become successful. That is why; the key to success is desired by everyone who wants to make their dream come true.

Successful people are almost never able to pinpoint exactly; what was their key to success? Was it their luck or actions? If success just happens, then there is no need to waste time in finding out the key and let the destiny dictate their term in our life. But no successful people have ever stated that without action, there is a possibility of success. So action is needed to be successful but only action is not sufficient because in case of action is the sole criteria, then the percentage of successful people would have been much more.

Different people, who were successful, has suggested various keys to success, such as patience, hard work, honesty, education, common sense, wisdom, failure, fear, courage and of the same. As no two successful has to face the same situations in the same era, so their version of the key to success is different. For example, some people were scared of failure more than their desire to succeed and that lead them to be successful. In some person life, their courage makes them successful. But courage does not exist without fear. They were courageous because they successfully fight their fear. If fear is the key to success, then what is the benefit of patience, persistence, honesty, wisdom, Education, and of the same? These are also considered the key to success and in facts; these qualities have played the very prominent role in some person's life to make them successful. If you closely study the life of successful people like, Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi and other successful people, you will realize that despite their various reasons for motivation, they were successful in their chosen field because they were determined to realize their goal.

Hence, somehow determination seems to be the key to success. Determination is where, there is an abundance of self-confidence; there is an absence of doubt. Therefore, your own determination to be successful is more important than other factors. If you are determined to realize your goal, you will attract all that is needed to make your dream come true. Your determination gives you the power to achieve anything you decided to do. The obstacles in your way are meant to test your level of determination. If you are really determined to realize your goal, you will figure out a way to work through the problems. In the end, be determined to chart your success story and let the world know your own version of the key to success.