Never give up

Personal Growth

Persistence is the key to success but it is very difficult to have faith in anything, be it your goal or your competencies, if you going through a series of failures. When the outcome does not match with the expectations, depression takes over the mind and it become very easy to give up the idea of realizing the goal and accept the failure as something that is destined. However the person who does not give up despite facing lots of challenges, comes out victorious at the end and enjoy an enriching life.

Most of the people have high expectations from them. Anything less than the best is not accepted to them. They want perfection in everything. That is why, when they come face to face with failures, their ego hurts. They find failure very difficult to accept. Their fragile ego crumbles in the face of failures. Some people give up the idea to realize their goal and allow the depression to take over. Others drop their goal in a futile attempt to pacify their ego and try to fake that everything is in their control.

However, it is easy to give up but difficult to live without making use of the full potential to realize the dreams. Because unfulfilled desires haunts and become the source of regrets in the later part of life. Therefore if you have faith in your goal and in your ability, never give up. The way to success lies in the ability to accept the failures and use it as a means to achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life.

Everyone has their own share of failure before being successful. Some people achieve their desired goals soon while others get through many failures before making their dream come true. Failures are meant to provide much needed strength and courage to the person so that they can follow their goals with much confidence. In the life of a person whose achievement is extraordinary, the share of failures has been always at the high end. That is why it is not wise to compare yourselves with others who got successful easily and allow the depression to take over the mind.

Hence, when you face failures in life, make a realistic check on your goal and your plan to realize them. If you have faith in your goal and in your ability then there is no need to worry when you meet with failures on the way. It is very much natural. No plans could be perfect. There is always a chance for improvement. Learn the requisite lessons whatever failures have to teach you and apply them to make your way smoother. Never ever try to give up and create a source of regret for yourselves. In the face of failures, you need to channelize your energy and follow your desired goal with more confidence to enjoy the life you always wanted to have for you.