Avoid Being Suspicious out of Your Own Insecurities

Personal Growth

By nature, we, human beings are very much possessive. We wanted to keep hold on almost everything. We even want to keep our hold on relationships as well. The possessiveness attitude creates lots of trouble in life. Due to our possessive nature, we are vulnerable to insecurity and that lead us to become suspicious about our relationships.

Being suspicious is a natural trait of human being just like love. It is the insecurities that create the sense of suspicious. The fear of losing someone is the root cause of suspicious behavior in most of the person.

Suspicious is a sign of lack of trust in the relationships. The suspicious person does not want to give the desired space to their near and dear one for their self-growth as an individual, and that leads the conflict in the relationships.

Being suspicious is not only about not having faith in relationship, it is also about not having faith in own self and in the relations build by oneself. Living in constant suspicion is an imaginative fear of losing own self-identity, associated with the person with whom the suspicion is attached with.

Suspicion is the breeding ground of many negative traits in a human being. The suspicious person loses their self-respect just by regular doubting, questioning and of the same. Going by the laws of attraction, suspicion makes a person vulnerable to attract the same situations which they are suspicious about.

The people who are suspicious by nature not just erode their relationships but their self-dignity as well. They live in a constant fear of losing the person whom they are suspecting. They do not imagine a life without that person. They think that their self-respect and identity are because of that person. They feel insecure about their lives and that lead them to remain suspicious all the time.

On the other hand, the secure, self-confident person does not allow their relationships to take over their lives. They are complete by themselves. They take responsibility of their own emotional state of mind. They do not associate their identity and peace of mind with another person. Their self-reliance becomes the source of attraction for other people and because of that, their relationships get stronger with each passing day.

Hence, do not let your insecurities drives away your precious relationships by constant suspicion. Have faith in yourself as well as the relationships you have built. And always keep in mind, it is not your relationships but it is you who will give meaning to your life. So avoid being suspicious because of your own insecurities to remain happy and have worthy relationships in your life.