Discover Opportunities on the Other Side of Fear

Personal Growth

Fear is an inbuilt natural part of living being. Fear is good in a sense that it makes life protect itself from danger and that in turn promotes alertness, consciousness about life. To a certain extend fear is essential to survive in this world, but it needs to be faced boldly when it prevents a person to explore the opportunities outside their comfort zone to make life happy and worthwhile to live. So it is essential to overcome fear to discover the opportunity lying on the other side of it to have an enriching life.

Everyone wants to be successful in their lives but due to fear of unknown most of the people miss out the greatest opportunity of their lives. If you want to be successful in your life, you need to bridge the gap between you and success by discovering the opportunity on the other side of your fear and making optimal utilization of it. To handle the fear you need to recognize the root cause of your fear and figure out the way out to proceed further in life with confidence.


Procrastination is a sign of lack of courage to accept the truth of life. People generally procrastinate when they are afraid about something and not able to summon their courage to face the fear of doing something to realize their goals in life. It is very much easier to avoid the source of fear than to face it head on. The biggest drawback of procrastination is that it provides the relief for the certain period of time but prevents a person to experience the joy of realizing their most cherished goal in life.

Time is very short in life in a sense that we wanted to explore many opportunities in life which remains unexplored. Procrastination does not stop the time to click away and the lost time cannot be re-gained. We cannot go in the past to make use of opportunities available in that period of time. So procrastination becomes the source of regrets in later parts of life that is why you should stop procrastination and move forward with life by making the proper utilization of time and opportunities.


Staying in the comfort zone is a sign of having insecurity about own skills and potential to explore the unknown world. Comfort zone is not a real part of life but a virtual world containing pseudo security and comfort ability, where everything is managed by own thoughts. It makes the person lazy and denies them to enjoy the incredible experience of stepping out of their comfort zone and grabbing the opportunity available on the other side of fear to have an exciting life and also increase their self-esteem.

To go out of the comfort zone, you need to take a small step at a time leaving behind the thoughts of being not ready to grab the opportunity. Nobody ever feels totally prepared when the opportunity comes in their way, but they take it as a challenge to grow beyond their comfort zone instead of making arguments against the opportunity and try to avoid it. The fact is that in life the confidence only comes with; times spend on doing the tasks at hand. Once you get small success, you will naturally feel more confident.

Hence, it is not the situations or the people around you who are holding you back from discovering the opportunities on the other side of fear, but it is you. So the only person who you can blame for leaving a mediocre life is you not the other person. The fear for unknown is a mental resistance to step out of the comfort zone but if wants to make your life worthwhile to live; you need to discover the opportunities on the other side fear and make use of it to enrich your life. Life is an adventurous journey. Experience the thrill of adventure by discovering the opportunity on the other side of fear and make life exciting.