Exercise Free Will to Succeed

Personal Growth

Free will is the ability to make informed choices to live an enriching and meaningful life. It gives a sense of empowerment to face the present reality boldly. It is the free will which makes people courageous enough not to accept the failure as a fate and work hard to alter the destiny. So whenever you face failure in life, exercise your free will to succeed.

People generally blame fate for their failure as if their lives are governed by fate itself. They do not realize that fate is the result of their past actions. Fate is not different identity. It is their free will in the past which shapes their present, and their future is dependent on the free will exercise in the present moment. The existence of free will is always in the present moment. So what future is going to hold for them depends on their free will exercised in the present moments.

Fate and free will are not completely different with each other. It is the free will which shapes the fate. That is why you are totally responsible for your present moments. If you are facing the failure in the present moment, you cannot get away with your responsibility of free will exercised in the past simply by cursing on your fate. In the same way, what would be the shape of your future will be finalized by how you exercised your free will in the present moments?

The ability to exercise free will is one of the greatest qualities of human being because we all are better at thinking. It is your free will, which makes you the master of your destiny. So you are responsible to make your mar your destiny, by the way, you choose to exercise your free will. So do not pass on the responsibility of your failure on fate even if no matter how much hard work you have put in order to succeed. Take responsibility and accept that your work was not sufficient to make yourself successful. Once you make yourself responsible to your present situation, you will exercise your free will correctly. So to make your destiny as you wanted and be successful in life, exercise your free will wisely.