Know Your Potential

Personal Growth

We all human being, by our definition, are not perfect. In fact, we all have infinite capabilities unique for each of us, but at the same time we also have some or other kind of limitations. Knowing our natural capabilities and weaknesses is very much essential to chart out the road map to our success and lead on enriching and happy life.

Once you recognize your capabilities and weaknesses, you pave the way to your progress. You will be able to figure out which desire to follow to be successful in life. You will never get trapped in excessive desire. Excessive in a sense that where your limitations create an obstacle and make it very difficult for you to realize your goal.

Success in life is not a thing, which can be given by someone in the form of charity. No one will come with a magical wand in their hand and fulfill your wish of being successful. So, wanting to be successful in life is not enough. You have to work hard to be successful. Doing nothing and wishing to get your goal realized are a waste of time and money.

Having a strong desire to succeed is essential for growth in life, but you should avoid the excessive desire. Most of the people experience misery in life because of unfulfilled excessive desire. So it is not wise for you to have a desire to achieve thing that is beyond your capabilities. In other words, you should control your desire when you feel that you are not able to make it come true.

The person who does not understand their capabilities and limitations end up getting in a trap of excessive desire and most of the time attract failure in life. It is easy for anyone to trick those people because they think they have infinitive potential minus any kind of shortcomings. All one need is to try a trap in their way, and they will fall right in.

Most of the people do not invest time and energy to find out; what is their core desires? Generally, people develop desires as the basis of someone's suggestions, a trend in the market place or knowing the success story of someone else. Often these people remain under strain to realize their goal despite ever trying to know either they are capable for the same or not.

In fact, life is driven by driven by desire but trying to achieve anything without analyzing your capabilities, and weaknesses are a source of misery. In this world, everyone is unique because of their background, education and level of motivation. So it is very much essential to find out your capabilities and weaknesses.

Know Yourself

Knowing your capabilities and your limitations can help you choose the most appropriate goal in life. By understanding and accepting yourself, you build your character. It may be possible that you do not like to recognize your weaknesses because it makes you feel uncomfortable; your self-esteem can take a beating.

However, unless you understand and accept your weaknesses, you can not do anything to remove them as much as possible and use your strength to the fullest. Always keep in mind, no one is perfect. So accepting your weakness is a stepping stone towards either removing them if possible or not allowing them to become stumbling blocks in your path of success.

The best way to know your strengths and weaknesses are a self-appraisal. Be realistic about your capabilities and limitations. Write down your strength and weaknesses in a sequence. It will also help you to understand how others view you and start working on improvement. Do not feel embarrassed while noting your weaknesses; it is very much natural for anyone to have one.

Break Through Limitations

Once you understand your limitations, you can put them into two parts. In one part put the limitation which can be conquered through effort such as particular skills and in another part put the limitations which cannot be removed such as height and of the same. Now figure out what kind of obstacles you are facing to realize your goal. If your weaknesses which you can remove are the obstacles, then you need first to convert them into strength and after that set out to realize your goal. And if the weaknesses which you cannot remove are the stumbling block, then you should make a modification in your goal. You need to learn how to make an adjustment in your goal because you have to live with some sort of irremovable weaknesses.

Utilize Your Strength to the Maximum

To be successful life, it is the strength that counts not the weaknesses. Generally, people become successful in their lives by making the best use of their capabilities. No one has ever become successful because of their weaknesses. So make the best use of your strength to lead a happy and successful life.

Finally do not try to compare yourself with others and show off what you do not have. It is always better to be recognized less by people than you actually is because you do not need to carry an extra pressure to prove yourself up to other people's expectations. Know your potential to make the right decisions for being successful in life.