Personal Growth

We, all human beings, need peace of mind for our proper growth in life. But whenever our mind is filled with hate, anger, guilt, repent, revenge due to mistakes made by us or we are wronged by someone else, peace of mind seems a distant dream. Unless we learn to forgive ourselves and the person who wronged us, we cannot forget the incidents which keep on troubling us and unburden our mind with negative emotions to make a steady progress in life.

Perfection is not an attribute of human beings and as a human being we are imperfect by nature. No matter how hard we try and put in our intelligence and experience, we cannot avoid making mistakes in life. Everyone makes mistakes in life or become the victim of wrongdoers. It is not only you who hurt someone by mistakes or wronged by someone else. So there is no need to have unwanted guilt feelings and halt your progress in life.

In fact, mistakes in life are not desirable, but it happens in almost everyone's life. Sometimes the after effect of mistakes remains with the person all the times. They have to part ways with their near and dear ones forever due to mistakes. No matter how hard they try, they cannot eliminate the mistake.

It is a fact that we cannot eliminate the mistakes, but we can absolve ourselves from the past mistakes and have a peace of mind. Forgiveness is the best way to absolve ourselves from the past mistakes to forget the awkward situations of life to have a peace of mind. We can seek forgiveness from the wronged person and forgive the person who wronged us.

To talk about the forgiveness is easy, but forgiving is a difficult part of life. It is not a quality of weak persons. It requires a lot of courage and love for life. Forgiveness always benefits the one who forgives and the one who is forgiven. People seek forgiveness for the sake of their own mental peace, even if the person who was hurt resolved never to grant forgiveness.

To make the process of forgiving and forgetting smoothly, we need to look at the mistakes in a passive way. When we concentrate on who made the mistakes we fill our mind with guilt and anger, but the moment we visualize mistakes as a mistake we keep ourselves away from the anger and guilt. It is easy to forget the mistakes, but forgiving the doers is not easy. So try to see mistakes as a mistake to unburden the mind with guilt and anger.

Hence, forgiveness acts as a purifier to filter away the impurities of mind. It paves the way for us to grow a strong human being by saving us from the unnecessary mental tension of past mistakes. When we forgive and forget we no longer waste our energy in unwanted anxiety and pain. Forgiveness enables us to dedicate our undivided focus for our betterment in life. So, utilize the power of forgiveness to forget the unhealthy incidents of life and lead an enriching life.