Make Time for Yourself

Personal Growth

The secret of happy life lies in maintaining a healthy balance between professional and personal lives. Work is very much essential for everyone. It is not just a means to earn bread and butter, but work is also essential to feel good in life. Work affects almost every aspect of life, be it our relationships, our living standard, our status in society and all that. There is no harm in putting some extra hard work and time to grow in the chosen profession but over-indulgence to work is not good for other aspects of lives.

Life is a series of small moments, and each moment of life is equally precious; however, trivial it may look. Investing time for your passion and relationships is essential because it adds colours in life. Your work, passion, relationships give identity to your life and all of them demand your time according to their need. You cannot make a plan to invest time as per your wish.

Life is not a thing which happens on scheduled time. With each passing moment, your feelings get changed. You need to relish each moment of life by being in the same moments. You do not have another option but to laugh when you feel laughing and cry when you feel crying. You cannot schedule your laugh and cry as per your convenience.

The very moments of life defined yourself as an individual and your happiness as well. Most of the people missed the opportunity to be with their loved one in the pretext of having extra work, but at the end they missed themselves too. They forget to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy the company of loved ones. They thought they were walking on their own, but in reality, they were walking alone.

It is important to work with passion to be efficient and have a sense of responsibilities. However, mere investing longer hours are not a sign of interesting work. You should be passionate about your work, but at the same time you need to take care of your personal relationships as well. You cannot work whole life. You have to retire someday, and you need the love, care, and support of family, friend, and other relationships.

Hence, do not take relationships for granted and think people will be with you forever even if you hurt them by not being with them when they need you the most, just because of your work. You should also do not be a stranger to yourself. It is not the work which is prohibiting yourself from enjoying the life you wanted to have. It is you who should take responsibility for not balancing professional and personal lives. So make time for yourself otherwise life will turn meaningless.