Reslove Conflict in Relationships Effectively

Personal Growth

A healthy relationship equipped a person to manage their stress effectively by sharing heavy emotional loads with each other, but when relationships become a source of stress due to conflict then it becomes difficult to handle and it really tests the level of patience and maturity of a person. It is not the conflict in relationships but the way we manage it is the main culprit for collapsed relationships.

Conflict in relationship is very much natural because everyone comes into a relationship with certain sets of expectations and when their expectations do not meet in relationships then it becomes the breeding ground for conflicts. Once any small issue arises in the relationship and does not get addressed timely then it converts themselves into a conflict that threaten the relationship.

Every relationship is different in a sense that the personnel involved in it are different and so is their attitude in the life. That is why; it is difficult to have any fixed, time-tested formula to resolve the conflict in relationships effectively. However, there are some general rules, which have helped many people to resolve conflicts over the period of times. Here are some of the common practices to handle the conflict:


Respect is the essential part of happy and successful relations. Everyone wants to be treated in a dignified way, and this is the basic nature of human being. By being angry, using abusive language and making physical touch, most of the people lost their most valuable relationships forever. So if you want not to ruin your relationship, you should make a point no matter whatever happens never to let your anger ruin your relationships.


Under the grip of emotional out brushed people lose their coolness of mind and that in turn makes a person do what they cannot do in a normal situation and damage their valuable relationships. The moment you feel you are not able to maintain your calm and cool composure; you should drop the idea of resolving the conflict for sometimes but make sure to handle the conflict with calm mind.


Effective communication is the key to resolve conflict in relationship in a healthy way. Listening to your partner by paying your undivided attention gives you an opportunity to understand their point of view and concern and that in turn help you to find a solution for both of you to have win-win feelings. In an effective communication, it is very important to listen and just put your point across.


Each person involved in a relationship has a fair share of expectations. It is not possible in a practical sense that only one person expectations get fulfilled, and relationship still comes in a category of healthy and successful relationships for each person. The demand of successful relations is that each person needs to be ready for give and take. That is why if you want to make your relationship successful, you need to be willing to make certain compromises to ensure others expectations get fulfilled as well.


If you communicate effectively and ready to make certain compromises, then you need to find some common ground where everyone expectations get fulfilled with respect. It is very much possible that no one gets what they wanted entirely but at the same time, everyone has something to be happy because they do not sacrifice their expectations in totality in order to fulfill other's expectations.


The most important and effective tolls to resolve the conflict in a relationship and have a better outcome is to manage conflict on a daily basis. If an issue left un-addressed in a relationship, they evolve into a bigger problem over the period of time, and then it becomes really hard to resolve. So it is wise not to let the small issues aggravates themselves into a bigger problem; resolve the conflict the moment it arises.

Finally, there is a great relation between having healthy relationships and leading a happy life. A healthy relationship is mutually supportive and beneficial to the person involves in a relationship. That is why you should not let the conflict ruins your relationships. If you cannot handle it by yourself, then take a help from the therapist to sort out the issues effectively and respectfully. However, if you develop a habit to address the issues on a daily basis, then you have a good chance to resolve the conflict easily and early to have successful relationships. So, if you want to have a happy and successful life, do whatever you need to do to resolve the conflict in relationships effectively.