How to overcome superiority complex

Personal Growth

Life is meant to live in the joy, love, and harmony by the virtue of being humble, polite, and down to earth. We all have come into this world empty handed and leave it in the same way. However, the biggest irony is that most of the people think about themselves highly; even superior to others. They often end up ruining their relationships, the opportunity to enjoy the joy in totality by living in harmony with others. If they have to face hardship, they tend to blame life for its bizarre journey. They do not realize that it is their minute form of ego in the shape of superiority complex that works against them.

The journey of life is a mystery. No one can exactly predict about what is going to happen in the womb of the future. Changes are an inevitable part of life. Everything is in the state of continuous phase of changed and you can never know where this change leads to you. There are many factors beyond our sensing capability that leads the most certain predictions into different directions. The most ridiculous thing is that people generally take their richness and power guaranteed and do not realize that it is not going to remain same as they are in present moments. Here are some of the ways which you may find it useful to get over superiority complex:

Be humble

Having faith in oneself to great in order to accomplish work in a better way, but thinking that others cannot do is not appropriate. Do not take the appreciation seriously for successful execution of work. If you have not done it some others would have. If you keep this in mind, you would be always be grounded otherwise you would be vulnerable to ruin your relationships which are bonded by love, care, and respect. Always be grateful in order to stay humble because life has so much to offer to learn and move forward in life.

Be emotionally mature

Often people with superiority complex are not emotionally mature. They tend to compare oneself with others and figure out the traits by which they can feel superior to another. They lack self-awareness and reduce their chance of moving upwards in life. Being self-aware and carrying oneself with dignity is the intrinsic parts of being successful professionally and personally in life. By being emotionally mature, you realize that everyone is different and unique due to their background, education, or society. Comparing oneself with other is a futile attempt just for self-gratification. So you should strive to be emotionally mature in order to overcome superiority complex.

Feel humanity

The hard truth of life is that everyone on this beautiful earth comes and goes empty handed. The biggest irony is that everyone knows the truth, yet most of the people take pride in their material objects, race, creed, community, positions, and power which are temporary in nature. Diversity in meant to enjoy the life by bonding with people with different stature, community, position, and power. The best way to overcome superiority complex is to realize that whatever makes you feel proud about you is temporarily gifted to enjoy life so feel humanity towards another human being. Living in harmony with other people from different background, society, power, and stature would make you peaceful.

To conclude, always keep in mind that the mental state of superiority complex is not going to give you permanent elation, but fade away with the changes of time and may lead you into a depression. It is advantageous to have money, power, and position in order to enjoy the life in a better way, but that does not make people superior to another one. Most of the people use an illusionary feeling of superiority complex to boost their confidence level around people and hide their inferiority complex but it makes them suffer in the end. So it is wise to not let the state of superiority complex enter into your mind.