Accumulate capital / savings

Personal Growth

Accumulating capital is a basic requirement to achieve any kind of financial objective in life. Whether you want to buy a home or set up a business, you need capital to meet this requirement. Most importantly, you need an emergency fund to meet unexpected financial difficulties. That is why you need to set aside a small amount of funds regularly to accumulate capital. In other words, you should make a habit of savings.

There are a lot of reasons to think that you cannot accumulate capital. The cost of bringing up children; the unavoidable bills for doctors and medicine; the high and rising cost of living, etc. is sufficient enough to brainwash your mind that you cannot make savings. You considered yourself lucky enough to come out even at the end of the month.

However, the possibility of savings begins to happen when you change your attitude, from "I can't" to "I can." Saving is a habit, just like spending. Once you acquire the habit of savings, you will find it easier to adjust the expenditure so that a portion of every month income is saved.

Further, with each passing month your savings start to grow. And the habit of accumulating fund takes you to another level like reducing food expenditure without compromising on health. Seasonal fruits and vegetables grab your attention as they are healthy and cheap as well. At highest level, you start to utilize your unique expertise in the more creative way to augment your earnings.

Finally, accumulating capital does not mean to sacrifice family budget. It simply means to spend wisely and set aside a small amount of the fund for the greater benefit of the family.