Avoid financial dependency

Personal Growth

Life is full of so many uncertainties. No matter, how much rich you are, most probably you cannot have the required money to meet the unexpected expenditure all the time and everywhere. So at the certain level, taking and giving financial help do not come under the word dependency. However, when you expect someone to bail you out all the time in monetary need is categorized as financial dependency, and you should avoid this because it leads to misery.

Most of the people develop a habit of being dependent upon someone. They lose most of their valuable time in seeking the help from others instead of trying to be independent. In other words, they live their lives on the mercy of other people and also lose most of the opportunity to get rich if the help did not come at the right time. By being dependent they not only lose their time to improve their lives but also compromise with their health by going through hyper tension, fear and anxiety.

Further, if they do not get help from one person, they try to seek help from another one. By doing this, they keep their self-respect at stake. Often they develop grudges towards the person who did not provide them help without analyzing the other person's point of view. They remain concerned about their own problem and do not give a thought that what if other people also need financial help less or more, where they will go; the near and dear one who is having ill-will against them is already bankrupt.

Hence you should avoid financial dependency. Prepare yourself well in advance by accumulating the contingency fund to meet the unexpected expenditure or when you go through rough patches in life. But do not develop an ego that you are better than others, and you do not need anybody for your survival, and that others are all financially dependent on you in case if you ever provide help to them.

So finally, to become dependent on yourself for all your financial need is the real source of happiness. It is not just the bragging rights. It helps you to lead a prospering and enriching life. By being dependent on yourself, you will have plenty of time and resources at your disposal to focus on other things and lead a meaningful life.