Avoid the blame game

Personal Growth

It is common for most people to point fingers at family, friends or spouse for all their miseries. By blaming they find it an easy way out to solve their problem temporarily without realizing its repercussion, which leads to anger, resentment and jealousy. That is why it is better to avoid the blame game and take responsibility for one's happiness, shortcomings and problems.

Different people have dissimilar reason for pointing fingers at others. A frustrated serviceman can blame their family members for not guiding him properly in choosing the right career decisions. An unemployed person can blame their parents for not affording for him to get the higher education in foreign university. If someone marital boat is not sailing smoothly, they can blame their near and dear one for not helping them get out of it.

The blame game habit shows the inability to take the responsibility for one's miseries. The person engaged in blame game shift their responsibility on others and let is aggravated. So for the short-term, pointing fingers on others release the tension of the person but in long term increases the problem manifold for the person to solve it with much more difficulty.

Hence, you should not get engaged in blame game and make a habit of it. Always remember that, whatever problems and inconveniences you are facing in your life, it is because of your own past experiences. You are solely responsible for your miseries. Blaming others for that is an unhealthy, and it cannot solve your problems. If you want to make your life interesting to live, then take the responsibility for your setbacks.

To sum up, no matter how much parents, siblings and spouse of yours love you and care you; they cannot decrease the density of your share of miseries. They can only provide you moral support and motivate you to face the challenges of life bold-ally. So stand up and take responsibility for your own setbacks to find a way out to solve them sooner.