Have a good company

Personal Growth

A person generally tends to associate with like-minded people. That is why it is rightly said, "A man is known by the company, he keeps". Their social reputation also depends upon the company he has because by nature we always tend to imitate whatever we see, hear or observe due to the law of induction. So choose your company very carefully as it has a great impact on you.

Further, it is a common practice to judge what kind of person someone is by looking at his friends. People generally assume that whatever behavior, temperament a person's friends posses impact the persons also, and he inculcates those habits effortlessly and unconsciously due to frequent exposure.

Hence, do not be casual in choosing your company and frequently break the relationship. Life is full of uncertainties, be cautious and carefull about the choice of the company. Have those people around you who exert positive vibrations and stand by your side in the trial and tribulations of life.

Finally, your company exerts a great impact on your mind. Sooner or later your temperament and behavior become what your friends are. If you keep a good company, you become good, and if you have bad company, you will definitely adopt their bad habits. So if you want to make beneficial changes in your life effortlessly, choose and have good people around you, who are passionate about life and help you to adopt the positive habit in life.