Respect Your money

Personal Growth

There is nothing in this world free of cost. You pay the price for almost everything, be it products or services. Even the money, you use as a medium for paying the price, also has its cost. You sacrifice your highly energetic part of life to earn money. If you have inherited money, then it means that someone has given you the most valuable part of their lives in form of money. Therefore, it is your prime responsibility to have a high respect for money and make the best use of it.

To have a respect for money is to save regularly, to spend wisely and to invest carefully. Regular savings help you to accumulate capital for rainy days and make your life financially secure. By being wise in spending, you derive the maximum benefit from your hard-earned money. But the real sense of respecting money materializes when you go for investing. So be very careful while choosing the medium and segment for investing and do not park your money at one place. In short, investment should be based on your risk appetite and return you seek, not on peer influence or gullible decisions.

Hence to earn money is not enough, you have to protect it from disrespect also else, it will reciprocate the same to you. Spend the money in accordance with your priorities needs. Stay away from the impulsive buying habits. Never try to flash your hard-earned money to boost your ego. Money is just the means to enjoy the products and services. That is why; you should not make your identity out of money. Do not mix your emotions with it otherwise it will yield dangerous results in front of you.

Finally, just imagine, you feel exhausted by working hard whole day and spend all that is earned in the evening; then what you are going to keep and how will you make your life financially secure? Therefore, it is better to set aside some portion of money before spending. And this is the best way to start respecting your hard-earned money and that in turn also pave the way for money to reciprocate the same by making your life financially secure.