Delay your reaction when being provoked

Personal Growth

In everyday life, it is easy to lose our temper and react angrily at the slightest provocation without considering the consequences of our actions. Most of the time, reacting under provocation lead a person have a broken relationship and feel guilty for their reaction for years to come. Therefore, it is best to delay your reaction when being provoked so that you can make a calculated response.


To react while being provoked is a natural instinct of a human being. But in such situations, people generally lose their reasoning power. They do not consider the result of their reactions. Very often this kind of attitude in life leads to arguments, confrontation, fight, punishment, retaliation and of the same.

Hence, to delay the reaction for sometimes with the help of will power when being provoked is considered as a good attitude to handle provocation at any situations. It allows one to regain calm composure and respond properly.


Whenever you feel tensed due to someone irrelevant remarks, try not to react immediately. Do not let the provocation dictate terms for you. Make a conscious effort to delay your reaction with the help of will power and in the intervening time, choose the best possible way to respond.

You cannot make the right decision while being mentally disturbed due to provocation. So it is worthwhile to exercise the power of your patience to delay your reaction until you feel comfortable to choose the best possible alternative to make your response.

Generally, people use to provoke another person to seek some kind of information or hide their own inferiority complex for sometimes. Therefore, whenever you are being provoked by somebody, do not let that person take any kind of advantage by making you feel miserable.

Always keep in mind it is not the people who are provoking you, but your own inability to handle the situations can only disturb you. It is you who are responsible for your action, not the person who is provoking you.


Under these circumstances, when you are being provoked by someone, more than the provocation, it's your own reaction to the provocation that will create disturbances in your life. Reactions are impulsive; responses are well thought of. Impulsive reactions not only make the person feel guilty about them, but also ruin their relations.

Hence, do not ruin your relations by impulsive reactions and make the situation even more difficult for you. Whenever you are being provoked, delay your reaction, stay calm, compose yourself, calculate the pros and cons of every possible alternative and choose the best one to respond so that you do not feel sorry for your actions and at the same time have peace of mind.