Do not try to please everyone

Personal Growth

On the way to success, you cannot expect everyone to be pleased with your decisions or course of actions. You may be judged, criticized or rejected sometimes. There is nothing wrong in it, and this kind of situations comes in everyone's life. However, the problem starts when you lose your focus in the pursuit of pleasing everyone on the way, which leads you to remain unhappy throughout the life. Hence, if you have faith in yourselves, do not listen to others who doubt your capabilities and most of all, do not try to please anyone.

Most of the people try very hard to please everyone to cover their own inadequacy, but in the long run they end up being a frustrated lot when they see their efforts has gone futile. In fact, everyone has their own problems and cares very little about others. They pass their judgement without analyzing other person point of views. No matter how much effort you put in, you cannot satisfy everyone. So, do not waste your valuable time and energy in a futile attempt to please everyone. Keep in mind, if you are pleased with yourselves, the people who matter to you will be pleased with you as well.

Hence, always have in mind there is only one person whom you can please and that person is you. If you believe in your decisions and your capabilities then do not let your focus get away from the goal. Do everything that you have to hone your skills and expertise to keep on working to realize the goal. In the end how much you are pleased with yourselves matter the most not whom you have tried to be pleased. In other words, never try to work out of your expertise and interest just to please someone otherwise you will lose your focus and most importantly your own identity. Do dare to follow your dream and be happy in your skin.