When success eludes you, find another way up

Personal Growth

It is no use to work hard, if success eludes you. A sense of fulfillment comes in life through the achievement. No matter how hard you have tried, at the end only your achievement counts. Hence, you have got to be successful in whatever you are trying to achieve. To make your dream come true, you not only have to put your effort and time in, but you also have to make sure that your hard work gets rewarded by trying to achieve your goal through all the best possible ways. If you do not succeed one way, find another way up.

Further, if at first you do not succeed one way, do not pity yourself and get frustrated. It will only lead to your down fall and lower your self-esteem. It is also not wise to blame your fate or other people. No doubt, you have worked hard to realize your goal, but blaming the external forces will not be beneficial in any way. Put responsibilities on your own shoulders, so that you would be open to find another way to make your dream come true.

When success keeps on eluding yourself, first you need to make sure that your goal is realistic to follow else you are bound to struggle throughout the life. There is no point to spend your whole life in struggle. That is why, if your goal is highly ambitious; away from the reality then you should stop following it and set up a new realistic goal for yourself. But, if your goal is achievable, and it is taking too much time and effort; more than your expected time limit and requisite effort then you need to chart out another road-map best suitable in present circumstances to realize your goal.

Hence, if you have faith in yourself and your goal, you need not be worried at all when success eludes you. It may be the reason behind your being unsuccessful is that your road to success is outdated or not appropriate to present circumstances, such as your level of expertise, experience or background. So find another way that can lead you to be successful and make your life worthwhile to live.