Avoid Desperation For Love

Personal Growth

We, human being, by our very social nature need to feel connected to thrive and love is the emotions that form the strong emotional bond of mutual support for our survival and growth. Craving for love is the intrinsic part of everyone's life; everyone desires to love and be loved by someone to have a social security and ensures smooth growth in life.

However, there comes a period in almost everyone life sooner or later when they feel isolated from others and experience loneliness but to be desperate for love is not a healthy option. Desperation for love to avoid loneliness works as a deterrent and reduce the chance to find true love.

Relationship thrives on mutual respect and to be desperate to find love reduces the respect in the eye of other people. Desperation for love is a sign of lack of self-worth and having no confidence to be happy without the partner. On the other hand, to be respectful, you need to have the ability to bring added value in relationships for the benefits of each person.

Often it is the fear of loneliness that makes people desperate to find love but due to this, the chances are that people make wrong choices. So you need to avoid desperation for love to find the right people in your life. Here are few tips, which may help you to avoid desperation for love:


There is a positive and negative side of almost everything. Singleness can either make you feel bored or gives the opportunity to do anything that will make your day. It is your choice that you either allow a bored state of mind overtakes you and makes you desperate to find love or embrace singleness. So take this opportunity of singleness to act on your creative talents as creativity is not a part of group and at the same time avoids desperation for love.


Not being in relationship simply means having abundance of time at your disposal. The moment you learn to enjoy your loneliness; you start to celebrate your individuality by discovering your strength and weakness to make yourself ready to face the challenges of life boldly. The celebration of own individuality in a manner that you discover yourself to understand your true nature, help you to understand other people as well because unless you know yourself, you cannot understand others.


A healthy relationship does not develop immediately; it takes time to grow. You need to have patience no matter how miserable situations are due to loneliness and understand that it is just a passing phase. If you desire to have true love in your life, then signals your availability and let it manifest in your life organically, but do not be over excited about it and put in the lot of your valuable energy and time in it because it turns out to be desperation, and that end up messing up the situations with the prospective lover. So have patience and wait until the time love is supposed to manifest in your life instead of forcing the situations to create love due to your desperation.


Happiness is a state of mind, and it always resides inside you. If you are not happy by yourself, nobody can make you happy. Do not make your happiness depends on your prospective partner and put heavy baggage of expectation on them. Have courage to take responsibility for your own happiness. Learn to find happiness by enjoying the simple things in life. It is not what you lack but what you have matters in your life. So be grateful for what you have in your life and do things that excite you to feel happy with inside. If you are happy with yourself, you have the better chance to attract love in your life because everyone wants to be with the happy person.

Hence desperation to get the attention of your forthcoming beloved and to find love are consuming and the chances are that it is definite turn-off to prospective love interest. There is no guarantee that love comes to your life when you want them so badly. Love has their own timing to come in everyone's life, and often it comes when people least expect it. Always keep in mind, in relationship people want to be with the strong person with a sense of self-respect, not the needy one who is desperate for love to make them feel complete. So avoid desperation for love and let them come by themselves.