Avoid Emotional Energy Crisis In A Relationship

Personal Growth

A relationship needs to be built on the mutual trust and taking care of each other emotional security for it to prosper in the trial and tribulations of life. Emotional energy is vital not only for individual goal of each partner but also fulfilling the mutual responsibility of relationship in the ups and downs of life to successfully overcome hurdles and to manage the complexities of relationship.

Relationship brings the couple closer to each other to increase the joy of life together by sharing the good things of life, but it also provides a greater chance for friction between them because they come to know each other weaknesses very well. The differences in relationship generate stress between couple and in case if it left un-addressed, it breeds the ground for emotional energy crisis in relationship.

When there is a crisis of emotional energy in relationship, the couple tends to get explosive and start blaming each other. They get engaged in constant arguments and bickering to make the matter worse. The emotional energy crisis not only affects the personal relationship but professional as well. Due to emotional fatigue, people lose their enthusiasm for life and start doubting their own capabilities and because of that they often quit their job, apply for divorce or start seeking professional help to manage their stress.

So, to make the relationship prosper, it is essential to avoid the emotional energy crisis from it. Here are few tips, which help to avoid the emotional energy crisis from your life:


Blame game distances the couple from each other by depleting the level of emotional energy between them. Pointing fingers do not solve the problems within a relationship, but it worsens the situations. The habit of blame game does not allow the couple to have sufficient emotional energy for finding out the appropriate solutions with undivided attention to counter the prevailing problems in relationship. It is very much essential to talk through problems in a nonjudgmental and respectful manner to get over it and strengthen your relationships. So to avoid the leaking of emotional energy from your relationship, you need to make sure that both of you do not get engaged in blame game.


The realization of fact that happiness is a state of mind makes you emotionally strong. Your happiness does not depend on love, respect, praise, and validation from your partner. Your level of happiness depends on how much you desire to be. It your courage to be yourself without seeking any kind of validation from others set yourself free in a true sense and that in turn make you internally happy. Your partner can contribute to enhance your level of happiness through love, care and support provided you are happy by yourself. So the best way to be happy in relationship, boost the emotional energy, and contribute towards happiness of your partner is to ensure that you are happy by yourself.


Over expectations is the major cause of emotional energy crisis in a relationship. Your partner is a human being with some sort of strength along with weaknesses. It is unrealistic to expect your partner to fulfill all of your needs. Do not expect from your spouse to read your mind to act, behave in a certain way to match your wish. You should also resist the urge to argue with your partner because it is unhealthy for your relationship. You can communicate whatever you want from a relationship in a respectful manner as long as your partner does not get hurt. So reduce your expectations from your partner to avoid the depletion of energy from your relationship.


Reinvention of relationship is essential to make it lively otherwise it would be either a burden to bear throughout the life or an object from the past. Couples are meant to complement each other because as an individual, both of them grow apart and have their own set of strength to share with each other. The one-person strength should complement the weaknesses of others. Taking relationship as a granted reduces the liveliness of relationships, surprise factors, enthusiasm and at the same time saps emotional energy. So you need to works on relationship to reinvent it by investing some sort of positivity into it on a regular basis to boost the level of emotional energy and create a good feeling in your relationship.

To conclude, always keep in mind, emotional energy can engender an excellent relationship and lack of it can see things sink unhappily. Count your blessings of living in a relationships and bid farewell to regrets about whatever you are missing in a relationship. Have an attitude of gratitude for whatever positivity your partner brings into relationship and never ever stop communicating even in the stressful situations. Being emotionally connected with your partner boosts the level of emotional energy in relationship. So avoid the emotional energy crisis in a relationship to make it not only sustain in the ups and downs of life but make life an enriching experience.