Avoid Power Struggle In A Relationship

Personal Growth

Relationship thrives on the basic fabric of mutual trust and love to stand the test of time and constant power struggle tears them apart. The differences of opinion in relationship are normal, but it is the way of handling the differences that decides the fate of relationships.

The approach to handle the differences either makes the bond of relationship stronger or fuels power struggle between them. Power struggle jeopardizes the relationship and often couples choose to go out of the relationship. So to have a successful relationship with your partner, you need to avoid the power struggle in your relationship.

Differences are inevitable part of any relationship because the people involved in a relation have a different perspective in their lives, and they have every right to follow their intuition. However, they should make sure that they are not hurting the feelings of their partner altogether and the same time they should not even try to dominate their partner by taking charge of relationship.

The desire to dominate is the root cause of power struggle in a relationship and that in turn paves the way for disagreement, disappointment, conflict and power struggle, which destroy the foundation of relationship. Here are some useful strategies to avoid power struggle in a relationship:


Pointing fingers at your partner for the conflict in relationship just to cover up your fear, insecurity, or inability to listen and respect the feelings of your partner is not a sign of mature behavior. The act of blaming can have a long-term adverse impact on the relationship.

Blaming can aggravate the conflict in relationship. The repercussion of blaming your partner is that you never do anything to make a behavioral change in yourself to sustain the relationship. So you should also take the responsibility for conflict in relationship so that you can put an effort to resolve it.


It is common for most of the people to become defensive and tries to prove their point that they are right and fault is in their partner. They even take punitive tactics such as threatening them or making them feel guilty to instill fear in them. This kind of attitude only makes the matter worse.

The best way to make an effort to resolve the differences is to listen and appreciate the feelings of your partner. Appreciating the feelings of partner does not mean that you have to change your opinion to please your partner but to leave room for the communication for the betterment of your relationship.


Do not visualize the conflict in a relationship as a problem but see them as an opportunity to strengthen the bond. The conflict which turns into power struggle indicates the carelessness towards relationships. Relationship requires time and space to grow stronger just like your passionate work. You cannot take the relationship guaranteed. You have to put an effort to sustain it.

Whenever the difference in the opinion arises, you need to prevent it from escalating by taking immediate action to resolve it. In case your partner becomes stubborn, for the time being, your persistent attempt to communicate with the positive approach goes a long way in solving the problem and makes your partner realize their mistakes.


The reward of successful relationship is unlimited. A healthy relationship provides a sense of security and moral support to tide over the challenges of life. By proving oneself right at the cost of relationship is not a sign of mature behavior because the chance to get anything valuable out of it is doubted but losses are certain.

So do not to feed your ego by getting involved in power struggle. Giving up to sustain relationship is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. So whenever there is a demand, demonstrate your strength by letting your relationship win by allowing your partner to win gracefully.

Hence, relationship is not about the demonstration of power over your own partner but to encourage each other's personal and spiritual growth. Be gracious and have the intention to improve your relationship with your partner by avoiding the power struggle in a relationship.