Build Support System To Stay Happy

Personal Growth

We, human being as a social animal, are not designed to live an isolated life for very long. Our level of happiness depends on our ability to lead a successful life by utilizing our true potential for the benefits of self and society at large. But, when it comes to being with other people, unfortunately we cannot choose with whom we share our journey of life. At different stages of life, we are bound to have different people along with us yet we have complete control over our choice to filter them for those who would be our support system to ride through the trial and tribulations of life smoothly, so that we can stay happy.

Having a strong support system does not mean that you should be completely dependent on them and devalue the importance of being independent. Support systems are meant to support what you think right for you, but they cannot make appropriate decisions for you because they do not know everything about you. If you do not learn to be independent and trust your feelings for important decisions, the support systems are not going to help and make you happy. After all, it is you who knows yourself well not your support systems so responsibilities always lie with you to have faith in yourself and make important decisions in your life by yourself so that you can become your best.

Support system either in form of family, friends, colleagues or well-wisher is essential in the lives of almost everyone so that they can turn to for emotional support, suggestions or help in times of stress, setback, loss, and of the same. It is the support system that not only helps people to sail through the difficult phases of life boldly by making them more resilient, but also it increases the level of the happiness manifold in good moments of life. A healthy support system always motivates you not to accept anything less than the best and challenges you to become your best and makes your life interesting and enriching.

Having strong support systems can help you to realize your goal earlier and smoothly with more confidence. If you have a healthy support system, it will help you to ease the stresses of life and motivate you to keep following your dreams of life. So it is worthwhile to make an effort to build your support systems. The process of building strong support system is hard, but it really lost for very long and that is the beauty of the support system. Here are some tips, which can help you to build strong support system in your life:


Having a support system will be of no use if you are not clear in your mind what you want from your life and what the ultimate goal of your life is. As different people provide support in different ways, you should know whom to reach out for appropriate support. If you are clear about your needs and have a defined goal, you can easily figure out who would be helpful in times of need. It is your life, and you are the one who has to live it whether it is interesting or not. So decide who you want to become in life and set our goal accordingly to figure out how to work towards becoming that and who would be useful in your quest to realize your most cherished goal.


Generally for anyone, the relationship with a support group is often based on give and take. The most effective way to build support system is to be genuinely interested in other people. By being genuinely interested in other people life for their well-being and growth as a strong human being, you make them feel happy and the chances are that they will reciprocate the same. If you are not interested in the life and growth of other people, how can you expect from them to be interested in yours? So it is important to be genuinely interested in other people by making a conscious effort to learn about them and offers your input for their welfare so that you can build a strong support system to stay happy.


Respecting your commitment is vital to create an atmosphere of trust in your surroundings. Your ability to keep your commitment is a direct reflection of who you are as a person and what kind of impact you have on your support system. Respecting your commitment cannot only bring a positive trait in your personality such as self-confidence, a sense of worthiness and of the same, but it also increases your credibility in your support system, and people will start counting you in times of their needs. That is why; you should honor your commitment to others, no matter how tough it can be at times to increase your reputation as a trustworthy person in your support group. The best way to respect your commitment is under-promise and over-deliver.


The expression of gratitude is the most effective way to increase your level of happiness and others as well. The biggest reward of the expression of gratitude is that it shifts your focus from negative aspects of life to positive ones. When you express gratitude for the kind gesture done to you by your support system, it shows that you care about them. Your expression of gratitude can boost the self-esteem of other people, and they have something to feel proud about themselves even in the tough phases of life so that they can gather courage to get over it sooner. Expressing gratitude is a great way to strengthen the bond of relationship with your support system so make use of it to stay happy throughout your life.


Creating boundaries is the good way to keep your support system healthy, and for the longer period of time. Creating boundaries does not mean that there is distance between you and your support system, but it is an expression of what makes everyone feel comfortable. Each person in the support group may have their own set of do's and don'ts based on their background and circumstances. You should know your own personal liking and respect others set of personal choices, even if it differs from yours. You should never try to interfere with other's private matter and never allow them to interfere in yours. So it is essential to create healthy boundaries in a support system and holds each other accountable for maintaining the sense of self for everyone.


Being self-dependent is always a plus point but when the situation's demands do not feel shy to ask for help with your support systems. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. After all, your relationship with your support system is based on mutual cooperation. Your support system often takes pride if they come to know that they have something to offer that you value most. It is the feeling of doing something for someone is the most satisfying experience of everyone's life, and your support system should have the privileged to feel so. That is why, whenever the situation demands do not feel hesitant to ask for help from your support system.

Hence, do not have to figure everything out on your own, even if you think you have all the requisite skills and expertise at your disposal, in your quest to find success in your life. Build your support systems with like-minded people to make your journey of life even more interesting and fulfilling. What would be the benefits of being successful if you do not have someone to share it? Investing your time and energy for building support system is rewarding in all aspects of life. Building a genuine support system is daunting task, but you can do that with loving and caring attitude. Always keep in mind; you get out of life what you put into it. So make an honest effort to build your support system to stay happy forever.