Choose To Work Hard To Develop Self-Respect

Personal Growth

Life is always in present moment, but our happiness measured on scale of self-respect obtains through hard work dedicated to realize the certain goal in the future. It is the work that gives the means to develop a sense of self-respect, an identity, something to feel proud of, and financial security. The person, who underestimates the value of hard work by depending on the luck, seeking charity or employing shortcuts, remains under achiever, unhappy and having low self-esteem throughout their lives. So no matter at what stage of life you are and what kind of challenges you are facing either physical or financial, always choose to work hard to develop a sense of self-respect to attract happiness to your life.


There is nothing wrong about believing in luck but entirely being dependent on luck for success in life damage the self-respect and reduce the chances of success. A sense of self-respect comes when you feel that you have the skills, energy and potential to achieve your desired goal to make a difference in your life. If you depend on luck, you have to remain at the mercy of your destiny whereas hard work will enable you to write down your own destiny. Luck is not in your control, but hard work is at your disposal. Through hard work, you can be assured that if not today, then tomorrow or after some days, month, year luck will shine but not the otherwise. So do not depend on luck to be successful in life.


There are some people who resigned to the fate and depend on external help such as mercy, reservation and of the same for their living due to either partial physical disability or being a part of the financially weaker sector of community. They do not put an effort to face the challenges of life boldly by themselves. They do not realize that external help may bring some relief in their lives but will remain a source of embarrassment throughout their lives. The fact of life is that, no matter whatever situations you are facing, you can still make some difference to your life through you hard work with full attention and that will increase your self-respect and happiness manifold.


Most of the people are in a hurry to realize their goal to be happy in the present moment and that make them vulnerable to take any shortcuts that come across their way. Happiness in the present does matter, but life is not a one-day affair. You have to make sure that your happiness remains with you throughout your life. It is not wise to make a plan for life taking only immediate reward into consideration. To maintain happiness and a sense of self-respect right to the end of your life, you should choose the path by keeping the future in mind and work hard to realize your goal. If you want to achieve your goal smoothly and early, then you should figure out what skills you need for the same and take time out to learn that skills to boost your work but never ever try to employ shortcuts that make you feel regretted at the later stage of your life.


Everyone is destined to face adversity in their lives sooner or later and the people who dare to face it boldly not only overcome it but also turn it into the opportunity to grow in life. Adversity in life is an opportunity to increase the mental toughness. So whenever you face adversity in life, do not try to run away or resign yourself to the fate but accept it as a challenge. Accept the fact that it is not in your hand to prevent the adversities, but you have the control over the way you respond to it. So, take responsibility and turn the adversities into the opportunity by learning the requisite lessons it has to offer and employ that for the realization of your goal.

To sum up, developing a strong sense of self-respect through hard work paves the way for extraordinary success in life and helps you to command respect in society as well. To develop self-respect, you need to accept yourself in totality with all your strengths and weaknesses, being happy, with the person who you are, and work hard to give identity to yourself. It is not what you think about yourself but what you do for upgrading your life as well as the society at large, make your identity and give you a sense of self-respect to feel happy. Always keep in mind, hard work makes you self-sufficient to establish a sense of self-respect and dependence will make you vulnerable to embarrassment. So, choose to work hard to develop self-respect for everlasting happiness.