Develop Self-Discipline To Succeed In Life

Personal Growth

Success is desired by everyone, and we all have unique ingredient in us to be successful in life in our own way, but there are only few people who have the privilege to attain success in life. The questions; 'what is the secret of success?' 'is there a formula for success?' 'is the success accidental?' 'why is the success elusive from most of the people life?' 'what is the qualities one need to learn to be successful in their live?' 'As the ultimate potential of everyone is the same why only few people become successful in their lives?' 'what are the ingredient successful people possess that differentiate them with rest?' intrigued the human mind like nothing else.

Life gives us many lessons in a different way to enjoy the bliss of success. Hard work and motivation are considered the important tool to be successful and there is no doubt about it. The fact is that, almost everyone at some point of their lives put in hard work with great motivation, but with the passage of time, their level of motivation gets decreased, and they do not come anywhere close to success. Although hard work along with great motivation is a certain way to be successful in life; but it should be long lasting not a temporary affair. So how long one is motivated to put in hard work decide their chance to be successful in life.

Extra ordinary success in life is dependent on self-discipline, which are long lasting in nature. We create the biggest obstacles to our own success by procrastination, regretting about the past, worrying over the future, fearing unknown, working half-heartedly, and lack of focus. With self-discipline, we train ourselves to give undivided attention to the fixed task at hand rather than shifting our focus from one task to another so that we can achieve any realistic goal of our life. That is why, if you want to succeed in life and stay happy forever, you should make a conscious effort to develop self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the ability to direct own energy and attention to the completion of the fixed tasks in order to make progress in life irrespective of emotional state in any given situations. Self-discipline enables you to do things, which need to be done in consideration with future benefits so that you can have peace of mind and restraints you from indulging in immediate gratification. Self-discipline also helps you when you are mentally disturbed and respond to the situations appropriately instead of making an impulsive reaction and regret about it later. In a nutshell, through self-discipline, you can achieve mastery over your life so that you can succeed in life and have peace of mind.

Self-discipline is the key to success in every aspect of life be it personal or professional. It is the self-discipline that separates those who live successful lives from the people who do not. Developing self-discipline is a hard task but with conscious practice, you can develop it in yourself. Here are few tips, which may be useful to you in some way to develop self-discipline:


The most important aspect of self-discipline is setting a realistic goal in life. It is important to make sure you have the realistic goal in life because the unrealistic goal cannot keep your level of motivation high for long and that in turn leads to giving up. Goals are important for self-disciple because it serves the purpose of destination to give direction to life. If you do not have the destination in form of goal, you will have no real purpose of what you want to achieve in life and why you want to discipline yourself. Goals enable you to determine the path in life and acts as a yardstick to measure the progress. When you get clear about what you want from your life and set time bound series of realistic goals for achieving the ultimate goal of life, it becomes easy for you to discipline yourself and move in the direction of converting your dream into reality.


Procrastination promotes stagnation by postponing doing what need to be done and that is why it becomes the biggest obstacle for self-discipline. Generally, people who tend to procrastinate are the people who want to do things with perfection. They wait for right time, proper skill and sufficient resources to start doing what they have to do even at the cost of losing their valuable time, reputation in society, and finally ambition to succeed in life. They do not realize that they have the little time period on the beautiful planet. Life is short in a sense that there are more to be done that remains undone. So if you want to succeed in life, you need to avoid procrastination by focusing on the small tasks that are within your control at the moment and start the process of doing and then discipline yourself to upgrade your skills and resources to make progress.


Developing self-discipline depends more on the person you become once the goal is achieved than the process you follow. If you cannot visualize yourself as a disciplined person, then the chances are you never will. On the other hand, the more vivid you can visualize the person you become, the easier it would be to discipline yourself because you would be able to sustain your motivation for long. Visualizing the outcome brings motivation in you to stick on the self-discipline. The benefits of self-discipline are tremendous. By practicing the self-discipline you develop high level of self-confidence and self-esteem, which are crucial to shape your character and personality. So visualize the changes self-discipline brings in you as the outcome to attract it in your life.


The desire to seek immediate gratification does not bring any significant changes in the lives of people. Seeking immediate gratification makes you dependent on the unstable external world, which is not in your control and that is why it brings frustration in life. On the other hand, delaying gratification equips you to have self-control and reduces your dependence on the external world for happiness. When you learn to delay gratification, you would be able to develop self-discipline for betterment of your life. The best way to delay gratification is shifting your focus from futility of immediate gratification to more stable rewards of self-discipline.


The best way to improve self-discipline is to push your-self to practice it. According to conventional rule, the more your practice the better you will be. The more you practice self-discipline, the more self-disciplined you will be. However, if you hate doing something in respect of developing self-discipline, it would be tough to push yourself. So to reduce the boredom from activity that meant to enrich your life, you should make it enjoyable by dividing it in many parts to experience the thrill of achieving small goals. So at initial stage push yourself to practice self-discipline by focusing on enjoyable aspects so that you can keep yourself motivated until you develop the habit of self-discipline.


Taking responsibility for your life definitely brightens the aspects of developing self-discipline, bringing in concrete reason and attracting favorable conditions for it. It is the ego that prohibits the person from taking responsibility for their lives and to feed their ego; they shift the blame of having a mediocre life either on external factors or destiny. So if you want to develop self-disciple, do not indulge in feeding your ego by shifting the blame of mistakes or miserable condition of your life from yourself to external factors. The responsibility for your life always resides within you. You are the creator of your life, and it is your responsibility to set your ultimate goal and develop self-discipline to direct your focus and energy to succeed in life.

To conclude, the power to reach the height of your pinnacle is always with you but the power often either remains unused or gets misused if it is not controlled through self-discipline. When you develop self-discipline, you would have an unwavering sense of self-confidence, and your realistic goal would be always within your reach. At the initial stage, self-discipline may seem painful due to the breaking of casual attitude towards life and moving beyond the comfort zone, but it is worthwhile to lead a happy and successful life. You are on this planet with unique qualities to make your presence felt, so develop self-discipline to succeed in life and have a great impact on your surroundings.