Express Gratitude For A Happy Marriage

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The expression of gratitude creates a favorable atmosphere for the love to blossom between couples in their marital life. There is inbuilt craving for appreciation, a sense of feeling valued and respected in almost everyone and expressions of gratitude from the spouse is the most satisfying experiences of this craving. So for a happy marriage it is wise to cultivate a habit of expressing gratitude on a daily basis.

Gratitude is the very simple and nice gesture of human being, but its powers are tremendous. By strengthening the relationship through its positivity, gratitude makes the life of human being as a social animal a pleasant experience. The expression of gratitude is not a sign of having perfect life, but it is the ability to dedicate full concentration on the present moment and see the silver lining even in the worse situations and being thankful for that.

The benefit of gratitude in marriage is manifold. On the one hand, it blocks the negative emotions such as ego, anger, frustration to enter in your married life and on the other hand it encourages the couple to celebrate the present moment with high enthusiasm for life. In other words, gratitude if not ultimate secret but there are no denying facts that it is a main ingredient for a happy marriage. So you should cultivate a habit of expressing gratitude for your happy married life.

Here are some tips, which help you to cultivate and express gratitude in a relationship for a happy marriage:


The tendency of human mind is that it focuses more on negative aspects than positive ones, but the best part is that it can be trained to behave in any particular way. If you make a conscious effort to keep your focus on positive aspects of marriage and discard negativity, your mind will follow the suit over a period of time. You will no longer dedicate your attention to negative aspects of relationships. So to enhance your happiness in relationship, keep your focus on positive aspects of marital life.


Taking your spouse granted saps the vital emotional energy which acts as a glue to strengthen the bond of relationship. Gratitude helps you to recognize the contribution of your spouse in the growth of your life as well as relationship. Expression of gratitude is not a onetime affair in marriage, but it should be a continuous process to enjoy the bliss of happy marriage. You should make it a point to notice the action and behavior of your spouse on a regular basis; how tactfully your partner is handling the situations and do not forget to appreciate for the same. Your little effort to appreciate the goodness of your spouse goes a long way for your happy married life.


There is no such thing like perfect marriage or unavailability of negativity in marital life, but you have a choice at your disposal to put emphasis of all sort of positive experiences that bring joy in your relationship. The more you practice gratitude in your married life, the more rewarding it would be for your relationship. Do not consider gratitude a part of occasional gesture but practice it as a way of life to get the maximum out of it. So to enjoy the bliss of healthy marriage, you should cultivate gratitude as a habit to practice on a daily basis till it becomes the integral part of your life.


The word 'Thank You' works wonder no matter how often it is expressed; it improves the quality of marriage by providing a sense of blessing to giver and feeling of appreciation to the receiver. However, creativity in expressing gratitude raises the interest level manifold by keeping the charm alive and takes the reward of it even further. Being precise while expressing gratitude such as; why you are feeling grateful, what are the values of your spouse kind gesture in your life, and how much fortunate you feel to have your partner in your life improves the moral of your spouse.

Hence, do not take your relationship granted and think there is no need for the expression of gratitude because good behavior and positive actions are the duty of your spouse. Making effort to show gratitude every single day increases the level of self-esteem of your partner and strengthens your relationship. So to reap the reward of long lasting happy marital life, you should cultivate the habit of expressing gratitude on a daily basis.