Forgiveness: The Secret To A Long-Lasting Healthy Relationship

Personal Growth

Forgiveness is an attribute of progressive mind that prefers to move on rather than being stuck, and it is also one of the most valuable secrets to a long-lasting healthy relationship. Love and forgiveness always go hand to hand. If forgiveness is missing, love is not possible for the longer period of time in a relationship. Long-lasting healthy relationship is a challenge in a sense that love between the partners has to stand the test of time because differences in the opinion are bound to come out at a surface in a relationship. So in order to have a long-lasting healthy relationship, you should learn to forgive and let go of grudges.

Forgiveness acts as a stress buster, which leads improved emotional as well as physical wellness. The inability to choose to forgive not only ruins the relationship but also takes a heavy toll on overall health because mind and body are interlinked to each other. So it is wise to get benefited from the power of forgiveness whenever you feel hurt to sustain your relationship as well as your own health. In other words, forgiveness is the secret to a long-lasting healthy relationship. Without forgiveness, no relationship last for long. If you feel stuck and not able to move forward, here are few tips that can motivate you to act on forgiveness:


Forgiveness is not about doing a favor to your partner, but it is more than that. No doubt if you forgive your partner for their mistakes, it works as a catalyst in the personal development of your partner. However, your act of forgiveness will be of your own benefit more than your partner. If you do not forgive, you are bound to harbor negative emotions such as resentment, hate, hurt and of the same that can deplete your vital energy. Holding a grudge against your partner is all about putting an extra pressure on yourself that literally weighs you down. So your level of maturity lies in forgiving your partner not just to release the negative emotions but the fact is that you deserve to feel better and enjoy the bliss of having a long-lasting healthy relationship.


Decisions taken in hast, under the grip of negative emotions without considering its pros and cons often become the source of regret in later stages of life. When your mind is full of the grudge, it is not advisable for you to take decisions because you cannot calculate and anticipate the consequences of your actions. To sustain relationship, you need to handle the complexities of relationship with a positive mindset, and this is possible only when you are able to keep your cool by going slow. So whenever you have to handle the complex situations in your life and that can decide the health of relationship, you need to go at a slow pace and take an appropriate action.


Forgiveness is the key to a long-lasting healthy relationship because as a human being, your partner is not perfect nor you also. If you take a close look, you will realize that sometimes you also slip up and act or behave in a way that hurt your partner. Having high expectations from your partner that they will never make a mistake and they should be everything for you is setting yourself up for a great disappointment. Everyone has some good qualities and some annoying qualities. Even if you partner intentions are all correct sometimes they are bound to make mistakes, and you have to accept the fact that just like another human being your partner is not perfect.


Differences are inevitable part of relationship. It is not in itself a deal-breaker, but the problem starts when the partners involved in relationship stop making an effort to improve their relationship. When things go badly, most of the couples prefer to choose the safest option to satisfy their ego and get involved into blame game at the cost of relationship. The attitude of blame game is not a healthy option for long-lasting relationship. To have the privilege of being in a long-term healthy relationship, you need to keep in mind that it is the responsibility of both partners to work on relationship. So, when the relationship goes through tough phases, you should make an effort to improve your relationship instead of figuring out who is to be blamed.

To conclude, relationships are the precious part of life. The experience of being in a long-lasting healthy relationship helps both partners to rise from hardship and make their journey of life interesting. A long-lasting healthy relationship gives the feelings of being supported and connected throughout the ups and downs of the journey of life and at the same time allows both partners to work on their own personal development. So whenever you feel hurt in a relationship, reap the benefits of forgiveness to enjoy the bliss of being in a long-term healthy relationship instead of carrying the extra burden of negative feelings throughout the life and ruining your relationships.