Keep Challenging Yourself To Live Better Life

Personal Growth

The journey of life is meant to be challenging. If it is not challenging, then it is not interesting at all and there would be no significant meaning to it. If you are settled for an easy goal within the limit of your comfort zone, you would lose an opportunity to learn and grow in life. Staying in the comfort zone stops you to maximize your potential and develop yourself as a strong human being and that in turn limits you to live a mediocre life. So to live better life you need to use your full potential by making conscious effort to keep challenging yourself.

Having better personality, social background, qualification, and excellent record of extracurricular activities does not guarantee that someone will come in front of you with folded hand and hand over the success to you without any concrete efforts from your part. Whatever you think you deserve; you have to make an effort to realize it. So to live better life, you need to know your comfort zone so that you can channelize your energies to challenge your limits to define your success.


Knowing your comfort zone is important for taking calculated risks in a planned way to step out of it for your own personal growth. Almost everyone likes to stay in their comfort zone. Going beyond the comfort zone is the difference between living a better life and just surviving. Comfort zone is where there are minimal stress and anxiety. Living in the comfort zone enables you to know that what coming next and plan accordingly.

There is nothing wrong with being in the comfort zone, but the problems start when you stop trying to maximize your potential for a better life. Your inability to go beyond your comfort zone hinders you to take chance so that you can challenge yourself for doing something new and learn new lessons to progress in life. It is the challenges that enrich life. So you should not shy away from keep challenging yourself to live better life.


There is always a scope of improvement in the life of everyone. No matter what your age is, and how much you have achieved in your life, you can always have some room of improvement. It is making full of oneself by sticking to the comfort zone in an excuse that you have many accomplishments in your life. Success is a constant journey not a fixed goal, and once you achieved a goal then everything is over. To make an improvement in your life, you need to re-define success after every accomplishment and challenge your limit to realize it for the betterment of your life.

If you want to make an improvement, whether in your career or life to live better, you need to keep challenging your pre-conceived limits and raise the bar little higher every time. For the betterment of your life, you should make sure that whatever you are doing there is always a scope for something to learn and grow as an individual. If you keep on making an effort to challenge your limits, then it would become second nature of your life, and you always prefer to shift the goal post slightly higher to define your success. Always keep in mind that you are here to enjoy better things in life, so keep on challenging your limits to define your success.

Finally, your journey of life is different to others, and it is you who are responsible to know the limits of your comfort zone so that you can challenge your limits so that you can take your definition of success to the next level. You cannot have better life and enjoy your sense of accomplishment for ever by measuring your success versus others. So keep challenging yourself to maximize your potential and live a better life.