Learn To Stay Happily Married

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Staying happily married throughout the life is a tough task in everyone's life but having the knowledge about the essence of marriage helps one to keep the spark burning and stay happily married forever. Marriage does not only mean to enjoy the bliss of the union but also to take responsibility of what it brings in its wake. The people who are mature enough to take the responsibility of marriage head on, sails through the difficult patches of relationship smoothly and stay happily married throughout the life.

The difference of opinion between the couple is pretty common, and it is a testing ground for both in respect to their level of maturity as a human being to handle the complexity of relationship. The secret of successful marriage varies from couple to couple. However, here are few tips, which may help you to sustain your relationships:


Respect for each other unique personality in a relationship is the prerequisite to stay happily married. The beauty of human life is that no two-person think, behave or act exactly in the same way and this makes the life interesting. Suppose, if your partner starts to think, behave, and act just like you, it would make the life boring for both of you. So, having respect for each other unique personality is a way of appreciating the beauty of life and essential to bring out the best in both partners to enhance the happiness quotient in their married life.


Marriage is a union of two imperfect human beings and to ensure the growth of both as an individual and their relationship, one-person weakness needs to get compensated by the strength of other one. Your spouse is just like another human being is imperfect. Your own over-expectation from your spouse based on your version of ideal person qualities leads your relationship grows miserable because your spouse is an imperfect human being; prone to make mistakes, do stupid things. So avoid over-expectations from your spouse to experience the joy of staying happily married.


In relationship, both partner share equal responsibility to sustain their relationship by observing cooperation, tolerance, adjustment, compromise, and respect for each other. However, if one partner does not give importance to the relationship due to certain personal reason or preferences, it becomes the duty of other one to continue to observe tolerance and play their part without any kind of frustration to let the time settle the matter and give chance to the relationship to come out victorious in this turbulent phase of married life.


The clash of ego is often the root cause of disagreement and conflict in relationship. Ego is flickering in nature but in the grip of ego, people tend to dominate their partner, and that paves the way for retaliations. The attempt of dominating the partner damages the foundation of relationship. To maintain harmony in relationship and make relationship grow stronger, both partners should enjoy the equal status and contribute their part for the growth of relationship according to their strength. In other words, none of the partners are servant or master in a married life. So if you want to enjoy the bliss of staying happily married, you need to eliminate your ego.


It is almost impossible for a couple to agree on everything. Therefore, so differences are bound to crop up in a relationship. However, you should make sure that whenever you are handling the conflict, do not make impulsive reaction. If you say or act in such a way that hurt your spouse under the grip of anger which you have not said or act in a normal state of mind, then it will make the matter even worse, and you will regret a lot in later. So you should stay calm and composed before making your reaction and stick to the basics do's and don't of behavior to help the marriage flourish even in the midst of disagreement.


There are no such things like perfect marriage, everyone needs to work on their relationship to make it flourish and get stronger with each passing time. Secrets are not good for the health of relationship. You need to communicate your desire, goal for relationship with your partner and be open to hear them with total attention. Have a genuine respect for whatever your partner tries to communicate with you. Communication is not only a medium to share the thoughts, but it is necessary for a successful marriage and it helps the couple in their efforts of staying happily married. Despite having an argument with your partner, do not break the communication otherwise it will affect your relationship badly. You must have open and honest communications to make your relationship successful no matter what situations you are facing at the moment.


Nothing in this world comes out without a price tag attached to it and so is the successful marriage. You have to sacrifice some part of yourself to have a successful relationship. Sometime you have to apologize for being a part of heated argument with your spouse just to move on, no matter whether you were right or wrong. You have to make an adjustment with the near and dear ones of your spouse because they are the people who increase the joy of your partner manifold, and this is good for the health of your relationship. Sometimes, you have to make an adjustment with your individual goal to suit the demand of common goal of your married life. However, the reward of staying happily married is so great that it is worthwhile to make an adjustment.

To conclude, to get married may seem easy but to stay happily married is difficult. However, the difficulty in married life gives an opportunity to the couple to re-invent themselves and work on their relationship to match the demand of married life so that they can enjoy the bliss of staying happily married. So, if you want to maintain stability and joy in relationship, you should invest time, reduce your expectations from your spouse, observe tolerance, respect your partner, and make some adjustment to stay happily married for the rest of your life.