Stop Trying To Change Others

Personal Growth

Change is the nature of life, and our happiness rests on making positive changes in our own life to become a source of inspiration for others. In the life of everybody, changes happen organically in proportion to their desires, not by force from the outer world.

However, most of the people waste their precious time and energy into an effort to change others. They want to change the attitude and behavior of others so much that they forget to concentrate on their own life and make significant changes for the better. So you should stop trying to change others for your own benefits and for others as well.

Change is a way of life, and everyone changes but not because of someone wants them to change. People change themselves when they are motivated to do that or feel necessary to survive and grow in life. Sometime they make changes to their lifestyles to get out of boredom.


Most of the people have an illusion that by changing the attitude, behavior, lifestyle, thought process of others so that they could lead a happy life. They think that only their way of life is good and whatever others do or behave in a certain way is not appropriate. They wanted to feel good about themselves by proving others wrong and helping them to change.

The truth is that the person who wants to change others is insecure, unhappy, and not matures enough to accept the uniqueness of others. They do not realize that in their effort of trying to change others so much that they insult the fundamental personality of that person.


The basic reason why you should stop trying to change others is that except yourself, you cannot change others, and even if you get succeeded up to some extends there would be no guarantee that you will derive happiness out of it. Your happiness entirely depends on making positive changes in your own life to lead a happy life. Here are some other reasons why you should stop trying to change others:


You cannot change a person against their will. People change themselves when they think that it is good for them to change. Almost everyone thinks that their action and attitude towards life are right, and unless they do not think otherwise is near impossible to change others. The more effort you put in order to change other; the more adamant they will become not to change. That is why trying to change others do not work.


Trying to change other people is an insult to their intelligence and unique personality. Everyone has the birthright to act and behave in a way that seems right to them. Everyone is unique, and that is the beauty of life; no two people can be exactly the same. So respect the uniqueness of others and stop trying to change them.


Trying to change others is not an effective solution to handle the complexities of relationships. While dealing with tough people, you need to focus on changing your attitude and reaction so that you get less affected negatively. Changing others is a waste of time and energy whereas changing yourself makes you mature enough to handle the challenges of life effectively.

Hence, trying to change other people is a waste of time and energy. You cannot change anybody against their desire; you can only change yourselves. Your changed action, well thought out reactions, and positive attitude towards other people can work as a catalyst in their lives by the process of induction and motivate them to make positive changes. So stop trying to change others and focus on your own growth to fill your surroundings with positive vibration.