Stop Trying To Please Others

Personal Growth

Almost everyone has bundles of desires for realization to please them in this short life and often most of them remain unfulfilled. Even if one knows what they want from their lives and how they can achieve, the life seems short because most of the desires remain unfulfilled.

However, most of the people complicate their life by going to an extent and trying to please others, even if they have the vague idea of what others want. They simply waste their valuable time and energy in an effort to figure out what other people want and trying to please them, which they could have utilized to make their own life little better and that in turn more pleasurable.

It is very much natural for anyone to act and behave in a way to please other for sometimes, but problems start when it converts into a habit in order to seek happiness in life because it makes no one pleased in the end. There is only one person you could please in your life and it is you because at least you know what you want in your life and how to get it. So stop trying to please others if you want a happy and enriching life.

Respecting the feelings of others and being concerned about their well being strengthens the relationships, but ultimately it is the other person who is responsible for their happiness in life, not you. If a person is not happy by themselves, you cannot please them anymore. Happiness is an internal quality of life, and one has to find it for themselves. So the whole effort of trying to please a person will go in the vein. If you are engaged in trying to please others, here are few reasons you should stop it:


It is not what other people think about you, but what you think about yourself matters a lot in your life. Seeking satisfaction by pleasing other people complicates the life. What other people think about you is their problems not yours. Your life satisfaction will depend on how much happily you have lived your life not by the effort you have put in order to please other people.


Everyone has unending expectations from their lives, and it is exhausting to figure out what they want and delivering them as per their wish is not possible for anybody. To a certain extent, one you can make others pleased at the cost of putting their needs above their own, but that cannot guarantee that you can make them pleased forever. No matter how hard you try, you cannot fulfill all the expectations of anyone. So it is wise to stop trying to please others and focuses your attention on your own wants and needs.

Hence, it is your choice; you can keep yourself engaged in trying to please others without making anyone pleased at the end or following your own goal confidently to add meaning to life for your own satisfaction. If you really want to please others, you first need to do something to increase your level of satisfaction and happiness. An unhappy person cannot make anyone pleased even for the small period of time. Once you are satisfied with your life, you exhibit a positive vibration around yourself to make other people happy. So stop trying to please others by placing their needs above your own and invest your time to learn and grow to have a pleasing life.