Avoid Fear Of Breakup Due To Insecurities

Personal Growth

Healthy relationship is one of the major ingredients that make life worth living. It is not just simply being in a relationship, but a close relationship based on love and trust that make life worthwhile to live. In a successful relationship, the bond gets strength with each passing day by caring and loving each other. However, there are people who develop fear of the breakup not because their partner stops loving and caring about them but due to their own insecurities.

The fear of the breakup at a certain level drive person to increase their level of commitment and starts caring and loving their partner even more. But it the fear of the breakup exceeds and remains constant over the period of time; it starts ruining the relationship. The insecurities that generate the fear of the breakup can damage the romantic relationship to an extend that people end up losing their partner.

That is why, if you tend to have a fear of the breakup due to insecurities, you should avoid it and do not let it diminish your relationship. Very often insecurity in relationship is self created based on irrational, thoughts that you lack certain qualities essential to have a successful relationship. Here are few tips that may help you to avoid fear of the breakup due to insecurities:

Do Not Invent Problems

To maintain a successful relationship is not a child's play. You have to face a lot of complications and handle them efficiently to make your relationship lasting. However, sometimes there could be genuine problems because of different background and personality of both partners but often due to insecurities problems get invented that does not exist in reality. So have trust in relationship and more importantly in yourself. Whenever you are in doubt, clarify with your partner instead of trying to read their mind.

Focus On Positives

Relationship in itself is not perfect. It comes closer to perfection when both partner compliment each other to help themselves grow individually and strengthen the bond of relationship. This happens only when you focus on positive aspects of yourself and your relationship and that in turn enable you to bring in more value in relationship and encourage your partner to be positive in relationship. So to avoid the fear of the breakup due to insecurities, you should keep your focus on positives.

Feel Secure

Feeling secure is essential to move forward confidently to realize big goals in life as well as in relationship. A sense of security in its true sense does not come from the outer world. You have to seek it internally by having trust in your abilities. It is not the job of your partner to make you feel secure, but it is your own responsibility. So have trust in your ability to take appropriate action in any given situations to feel secure in life.

Maintain Self-identity

There is no doubt that a successful relationship demands some sort of compromise and sacrifice but losing a sense of self-identity just for the sake of relationship will not do any good for you as well as your own relationship. If your whole identity is based on your relationship, you will no longer remain an attractive partner in relationship. That is why, you should make time for your hobbies, interest, friends, financial freedom apart from your relationship so that you can add more value in your relationship and always remain an attractive partner.

Finally, there is no such thing such as perfect relationship and no one can predict the future of relationship accurately. So avoid the fear of the breakup due to insecurities and set your partner free. If they want to be with you, it is guaranteed that the experience of your relationship would be exciting, and if they do not, then let the relationship get over sooner than later. After all, you deserve better experience in life, not the fear of the breakup which may or may not be true in reality. So avoid the fear of the breakup die to insecurities to relish the better experiences in life.