Avoid Unduly Attachment To Money

Personal Growth

The role of money in our life is very much crucial. Even though we all know that money is not everything, we still aspire to obtain more money because of it intrinsic power to buy many things that makes life better. Money is good in a sense that it has the magic power to buy all things that symbolizes good life. However, to center our life around money is not good for our overall well-being because it cannot buy everything.

There is no denying fact that money has the power to translate the good intent into great action. However, for having a good intention money is not required. Your good intention is always based on your inner qualities, such as; love, sympathy, compassion and of the same. The inner positive qualities are more important than money because it gives everlasting happiness. On the other hand, if you give importance to money, it will bring negative qualities in you and make you unhappy.

Money in abundance does not guarantee happiness but scarcity of money definitely hurts very much. There is no charm about living a life in poverty. Scarcity of money forces a person to make to make unlimited compromises in the course of their lives. In other words, the lack of money makes life tough whereas sufficiency of money makes life easy. The biggest drawback of money is that even if it makes life easier but at the same time if not used properly it works as a catalyst to generate negative qualities such as jealousy, arrogance, corruption, etc.

Money is not the root cause of all evil in itself, but it is the unhealthy attachment with money that creates a problem. Money is meant for trading goods and services but most of the people use to buy power, prestige, control through money and that creates a problem in form of attachment. There are some other people who even think their identity is based on money as the substitute for something they lack in their lives, such as love, respect, confidence, self-esteem, or courage and that create unduly attachment towards money.

Hence, having sufficient money is essential for day to day function and proper development as a successful individual but unduly attachment with money creates a biggest barrier for happiness in life. Striving for money to secure yourselves financially enables you to use it as a servant for the development of your life. On the other hand, identifying yourself with money creates unduly attachment and that way money becomes the master of your life. It is the well-known fact that "Money is a good servant but a bad master." So it is not wise to court slavery of money by making it a part of your identity. Avoid unduly attachment to money to fill your life with everlasting joy.