Do Not Beg For Love

Personal Growth

Love is the wonderful feeling that sustains life and makes it worthwhile to live. We, human being, without exception, need love to maintain our emotional balance for the smooth journey in life. Although there is no bondage that love can only come from particular relationship, some people dedicate their total attention on specific person and choose to become the beggar of their love, which does not turn out well in the long run. So to enjoy the beauty of life, it is not wise to beg for love.


Love is the most delicate but powerful emotion. It has the power to create life, forgive mistakes and make positive changes in destiny. There are two aspects of love. One is to love, and another one is to be loved. The capacity to love someone is always with you but to be loved by someone else is not directly in your power. You can only influence to get the love from another person to a certain level by your unconditional love.


Generally, love means attraction but in terms of relationship, love is all about to know and accepting each other in totality over the period of time. Moreover, love is a spontaneous emotion and most importantly the fact is that love does not survive on the wings of sympathy. So begging for the love of someone else only attracts frustration and at the same time destroys the self-esteem of a person.


In relationship, once you love someone; your love for them never dies even if the other person stopped loving you. But that does not mean; you start begging for their love. The reality is that beggar never get the best from anyone. In that case, people generally either do not love or love reluctantly out of pity to the beggar of love, and love is something that cannot be fulfilling when it is accepted as a gift of charity. So it is the wise decision to let the loved one go if they do not feel love for you.


To let the loved one go is not an easy task when you think that you cannot live without your lover. When you identify yourself with your lover to be a complete person due to lack of belief in own ability to face the challenges of life, it would be really tough to get rid of desperation for a lover. However, the moment you start empowering yourself to face the challenges of life boldly; you do not feel the urge to beg for love when your lover wants to move away from your life. So it is best to empower yourself with skills and expertise so that you can feel confident to tackle the trials and tribulations of life smoothly.

Finally, there is no dearth of relationship in life and your capacity to love is in abundance. At different stages of life, you may have different relationship such as parent, spouse, children, friends, colleague and of the same and each one relationship is capable of providing emotional support. But there are no relations around the world, which are going to remain with you forever. Every relationship comes with an expiry date. So why you have to shower your love on one relationship for emotional support and start begging for their love when they want to move out of your life. If you want to live happily and make your life enriching, you need to invest your love in different relationship for the continuity of emotional support in time of need. And most importantly love yourself that much so that you do not feel incomplete without anyone and there would be no need to beg for anyone love for you.