Maintain Harmony In IQ And EQ For Success And Happiness

Personal Growth

Success is important for the up-gradation of life but, it alone cannot be everything of life. The fact is that life is much more than success. As a human being, we are not only blessed with IQ but EQ as well. It is the IQ that determines our success in life but to be truly happy in life; we need to take care of our EQ as well. That is why you should maintain harmony in IQ and EQ for success and happiness in your life.

Intelligence Quotient And Success

IQ is associated with the intellectual pursuit due to its ability to learn and understand information. It is your IQ that enables you to filter away irrelevant information and apply appropriate information to improve the sills for success in life. IQ is important for academic success and even for the smooth entry in the job market.

The demand for people with high IQ is always there in organization to complete the task skillfully. However, to get promoted on a leadership role within an organization, only intelligence quotient is not enough because a leader needs to get the work done by other people. If you want to make it on top position in any organization, you need to enhance your EQ along with IQ as well.

Emotional Quotient And Happiness

Even if you achieve success in life, there is no guarantee that you will be happy. As a social animal, we are all sensitive to other people feelings. The glory of success cannot make a sensitive person happy if people are struggling to live a hand to mouth existence in their surroundings.

Emotional Quotient is related with the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions of self as well as others. The ability to manage the emotions of self and others is essential skills of successful leadership. Through emotional intelligence, you can connect with people around you to make use of their skills and expertise for mutual development, for raising the bar of your success level, and at the same time multiplying the level of happiness.

Hence, to be successful and happy, you have to maintain harmony in between Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient so that they can complement to each other. Harmony between the IQ and EQ is crucial to be an integrated human being. You cannot stay happy by postponing the basic quality of EQ like affection, empathy, gratitude, warmth until the realization of success and fame. If you want to taste the sweetness of success in totality to raise your level of happiness, you should make a conscious effort to maintain harmony in between IQ and EQ.