How To Overcome Distraction

Personal Growth

Distraction is something that takes your focus away from the desired task. Distractions are both external and internal. There are external distractions such as TV, Internet, video games, cell phone, noise, conflict in relationship, etc. Internal distractions includes like hunger, tiredness, worry, tension, and of the like. However, in the end, it is not the distraction, but it is you who are to be blamed for not dedicating your attention to the task at hand.

Distraction often occurs due to the lack of interest, inability to concentrate, or being attracted by other things that grab your attention more than the desired object. Although everyone has their own way to get over the distraction, but there are some of the common tips that may help you to overcome distraction and make your life successful:


Often the cause of distraction is not having the defined goal in life and concrete action plan to realize them in a certain time period. If you have defined goal and concrete roadmap to get the task done on a daily basis, you would feel the pressure to perform to realize your goal within the allotted time period. And that in turn helps you overcome distraction that used to consume your most of the time and energy without giving you any kind of benefits.


The world is full of beautiful objects, but it does not mean that you should start focusing on each and every thing which appeals to you even if it does not matter in your life. You should have to make sure, what really matter in your life, and dedicate your full attention to it.


Whenever you need to dedicate your complete attention on a task that need to be completed in certain time-frame, it would be wise of you to keep your phone on silent mode. In the middle of a task if you hear the ring of the phone, you would lose your focus and to get back at the same mental state, you need more time and so delays in the completion of tasks are quite possible.


Concentration is the biggest antidote to distraction. If you let your mind wander here and there, even in the isolated place where there is external distraction, you still would not be able to keep your focus on desired task. So make a conscious effort to concentrate on desired task which offer some value to you and stop letting your mind wandering around.


Meditation helps you in your effort to improve the level of concentration. A simple practice of sitting comfortably with back straight and concentrating on your breathing and letting the thought come spontaneously. You just have to analyze the value of thought in your life. The thought that does not offer any value in your life, slowly over the period of time fade away and you would be able to concentrate on the desired task with full attention.

Conclusively, do not let distraction dictate terms in your life and define who you are as a person. Distractions are bound to happen in the course of life and almost everyone gets distracted sometimes, but you have to give it less importance. Be determines to bounce back from distraction, the moment you realize about it. Do not feel sorry for yourself that why you are facing a lot of distraction and you should not be worried about distraction at all.

Distraction cannot prohibit you from doing your task for a longer period of time, unless you allow them to do so by picking them as an excuse and start building and story about it such as 'how', 'why', 'what if' and of the same. Always keep in mind that it is your life and you are the one who is responsible to concentrate on the things that matters in your life and make your life worthwhile to live. So to enjoy success and everlasting happiness in life, you need to overcome distraction.