How To Overcome Obsession In A Relationship

Personal Growth

Obsession is exciting and an amazing feeling as long as there is mutual respect for each other in a relationship, but the moment it goes out of control and starts to negatively impact your life then it becomes painful and need to be addressed. It is rightly said that anything in excess is not healthy so is the obsession for someone because you have to embrace the life instead of living in a fantasy world in order to learn and grow in life.

When obsession does not empower you, moves from pleasure to pain and cost you to such an extent that you start to miss most of the beautiful things in life, then you need to address it and get over your obsession. If you want to make your life happy, you should not let the obsession control your behavior; resist it, counter it, and over the period of time it would become just another memory.

To overcome obsession is a tough task. You need to force yourself to break the cycle of obsessive behavior at the initial stage and that in turn lead you to go out of the clutches of obsession over the period of time. In order to overcome obsession all you need to have a strong will power and appropriate substitute to look forward to. Here are some of the ways that you may find it useful to get over obsession and lead a normal life:


Acceptance of obsession is the key to get over it. There is nothing wrong with the imperfection as we all imperfect and because of that we get indulged in something we should not. If you are obsessed with someone, do not feel ashamed about it. Accept it and figure out the real reason why you get obsessed with them at first place? Once you know the real reason you can make an appropriate plan to overcome obsession. The realization about why you are obsessed with someone goes a long way and the feeling would fade away smoothly and early.


The drawback of being obsessed about other people is that it keeps your mind occupied with them all the time and you find it really hard to love yourself. Often obsession is a sign of emptiness within self and it come up when you try to fill a sense of emptiness in your life to feel complete. So to overcome obsession you need to turn your focus from the person you are obsessed with to yourself, so that you can recognize your unique talent and potential to build your self-esteem. Once you start to see your positive aspects of life and work on improving yourself, you no longer feel empty inside and your obsession would fade away over the period of time.


When you are obsessed about someone, you do not get much time to pursue other activities. In order to realize your desire to get over your obsession, you should keep yourself busy in activities that you love the most and never get time to pursue due to your obsession. The activities could be anything, such as reading, writing, watching movie, listening to music, long-riding, visiting places, hitting the gym, playing some sport, practicing meditation, learning new skills, and of the same. Once you start spending time with other activities, you would not get much time left to think about the person you are obsessed about.


Get some distance from the person you are obsessed about and spend time with your friends and other family member in order to repair relationship with them. You never know how much love and appreciation you get from them and maybe you will find someone you love to be around them. Always keep in mind that the person you are obsessed about is not everything in your life and that in turn help you a lot to get over the obsession. When you start spending time with others closed to you, you get to realize about what you were missing in life and would be able to set your priorities to regain your own independent life.

Hence, you should do whatever you need to do to get over the obsession. There is no magical shortcut to overcome obsession. If you cannot overcome obsession on your own, then you should get some counseling. In any way the ultimate goal is nothing more than letting go of obsession and moving on with the flow of life. You deserve to live life to the fullest. So get overcome obsession to live a happy life.