How To Overcome One Sided Love

Personal Growth

One sided love is painful and the fact that the person whom you love does not understand your emotions increases the intensity of pain manifold, but in reality there is no fault of the person, even not yours. The simple rule of love is that you should make the move to win the heart of the person you love and if you are lucky you get them, but if it does not work, it is better to forget them and move on. If you keep lingering on the same person even if they do not love you back, you make yourself vulnerable to frustration and suffering. In this case you are responsible for your condition; you cannot go away and make yourself happy by blaming the person you love.

Always keep in mind there is nothing in this world worth losing your dignity for even the person you love. If you lose your dignity for someone, they would never love and respect you even as a person. Life is short and you need to let the one sided love go in order to make the rest of your life, the best of your life. To overcome one sided love, you need to be strong and realize the fact that life does not go the way you want it to. In the long run of life, your one sided love for someone may not matter to you at all, so make sure it does not affect you in the present moment.


To overcome one sided love is not easy, but the process of getting over it make you a strong person, and you will be much happier in the long run. May be your feelings for the person in genuine but you cannot force someone into loving you. There is no doubt that if your love is genuine, then it would never fade away, but it is not good, healthy and respectful to you. Realize the fact that you are just not lucky to fall for someone who loves you back. So love them from the distance and move on with the flow of life.


To overcome one sided love, you need to keep yourself busy in fruitful activities. Keeping your focus on your career and doing something great enables you to build your self-esteem and distract your focus the person you love. You can also pick up any hobby that is interesting to you such as reading, writing, hitting the gym, swimming, photography, biking, dancing, riding, socializing with friends and family members, voluntary service, and of the same. By keeping your focus on self-improvement, you earn the right to live happy and enriching life with dignity.


Crisis and opportunity go parallel to each other. Where there is a crisis, there is opportunity as well. All you need to do is to divert your focus from the crisis to disguised opportunity which you are not seeing because your mind is occupied with the crisis. You never know your true soul mate is around the corner, but you are not able to see them because you are too much focused on your unhealthy and unbalanced relationship. You deserve to spend your life with someone who loves you unconditionally; not with the person who does not love you at all. If you live with the person who loves you, not with the person who does not respond to your love, then the future of your relationship would be more comfortable and stable.

Hence, always keep in mind that one-sided love in not going to work out at all. To make any relationship successful, mutual love and respect is very much essential. So if you want to live a happy life and prevent yourself from the pain and suffering of one sided love, you should make an effort to overcome one sided love. Although overcoming one sided love is hard, but you brave enough to get over it as you have been already overcome with many obstacles in life and have to overcome in future as well because this is not the end of the road; life is much bigger than that. So overcome one sided love early because you deserve to live a much better life full of love and caring.