How To Overcome Past Hurts

Personal Growth

Past hurt is painful but you should not get indulged in the blame game. There are not any concrete benefits of blaming the person who hurt you or the self. By blaming another person and not taking the responsibility for the situations you are in, you would lose the opportunity to learn the desired lessons which are meant to make you wiser. Although it is not easy to overcome past hurt overnight, but you should try to get over it sooner in order to make your life interesting and worthwhile to live.


Keeping yourself busy in activities that make you feel happy, push the painful incidents at the back of your mind and sooner or later help you to forget about it. To distract your mind from the memories of past hurt, you can choose any activities interesting to you such as listening to music, watching movies, reading books, playing games, hitting the gym, going to shopping, hanging out with friends, etc.


When you practically analyze the situations in which you are hurt by someone by putting yourself in the other person's shoes, you would most likely forgive the person for their misbehavior. If you take the state of mind of the person into consideration, you would come to know what makes that person hurt you. May be that person acted out of their own frustration, insecurity, fear, or your expectations were high and you did not put in much effort to make them feel good about themselves. It is not always the misbehavior of a person, but it is weakness that allows them to hurt you. Once you will practically analyze the situations, it would be easy for you to forgive that person as well as get the opportunity to strengthen the bond of relationships and you move on with the flow of life.


The secret to overcome past hurt is to see it as a destiny and move on. If you keep on recalling it again and again, you would only spoil your present moment and future as well. That is why it is wise to forget the past as you cannot go back and rectify; brooding over it is just a waste of time. Be mature and move on with the positive attitude as because of hurt feeling, you have already wakened up from your slumber, become wiser and strong enough to handle the unforeseen situations in life appropriately. So be positive, time heals everything, you would be fine sooner and good over some period of time provided you give time to time.

Hence, life is short and there is much work that needs to be done, have to fulfill the responsibilities of relationships and many opportunities are waiting to be explored. The world is already full of stress and the feeling of past hurt would be the extra burden on your mind which can hamper your growth in life. There is a golden rule of life, 'what goes around comes around'. So make an effort to overcome past hurt and learn to smile in order to enjoy the life in the present moment to make it big.