How To Overcome Procrastination

Personal Growth

Procrastination is a very normal human tendency and has affected almost everyone at some point of life. The reason for procrastination can vary for everyone and differ in each situation such as laziness, fear, anxiety, boredom, uncertainty, distraction, being overwhelmed, or liberty to postpone at the last minute. The drawback of procrastination is that it can lead you to miss many opportunities and deeply affect your quality of life.

Often, people ignore the simple things in life just because of their laziness without realizing the fact that these things have the ability to change their life and thus they become victim to procrastination. If you do not want to let procrastination rule your life, you need to make an effort to overcome procrastination:


The key to overcome procrastination is to set realistic goal that inspires you. Generally, people get indulged in procrastination because of uninspiring goal which leads to indecisiveness. When you have well defined, clear, and uplifting goal, you do not feel hesitant to take decisions and act accordingly.


Having goals in life is not enough, you have to make sure that you are motivated on a daily basis to realize it. When the goal is big, keeping yourself motivated can be daunting and overwhelming to get there. However, breaking big goals down into several, manageable small parts that leads towards your destination is an effective way to keep yourself motivated in order to overcome procrastination and turn your dream into reality.


Time is the most precious thing in anyone's life. Getting things done before deadline without wasting time ensures a clean work and the chance to getting success increases manifold, but if you drag the task to the last possible minute you invite confusion, anxiety, uncertainty and there would be a fair chance of error and failure in the endeavor. So respecting the time is not only essential to overcome procrastination, but also to perform the desired task cleanly and orderly in order to ensure success.


The tendency to procrastinate the task in order to do it with complete accuracy is not the right approach. You should honor time and do things at the right time. When you have sufficient skills and experience, perfection will automatically follow. Perfection always comes with the right skills and experience. That is why, you should learn to complete the task in time and that in turn not only give you the opportunity to reflect on your work to refine it in order to enhance your skills but you also get sufficient time to enjoy your life.


If you procrastinate task to the last minute, you would be under intense pressure to get things done hurriedly and the chances of mistakes in your finished work would be high. On the other hand, if you create a sense of urgency to complete the desired task before time, you would have enough time at your disposal to correct the error which you have hardly done because you are not stressed while doing the task and at the same time be ready to tackle the unexpected urgent work that may come up. By creating a sense of urgency and keeping your focus on the immediate goal enable you to overcome procrastination and make you stress free.

Hence, do not let the procrastination rule your life and keep you away from utilizing the available opportunities in order to make progress in life. Always keep in mind that the last opportunity does not keep knocking at your door again and again in your life until you get ready to take action. If you want to progress in life, you should make an effort to be proactive and have a sense to recognize and grab an opportunity in time. So to enrich your life, you need discipline yourself to get the task completed before the scheduled time in order overcome procrastination and that in turn save you from unnecessary hurry, anxiety, fear, and stress.