How To Overcome Self Obsession

Personal Growth

Self-obsession is a response to hide low self-esteem which ultimately leads a person to carry the burden of proving them superior all the time. A self-obsessed person starts to believe that they are special; the world revolves around them and has to realize the great goal in life in order to feed their bloated ego. Self-obsession leads a person to think too much about themselves and shackles them in certain opinion, which prohibits them from trying and experiencing new things in life.

Sometimes the causes of self-obsession can the social anxiety for acceptance. No matter is it your low self-esteem or social anxiety about what people think about yourself for your self-obsession, you would not enjoy your life to the fullest. By being self-obsessed which make you form a rigid opinion about yourself, you would not be able to form a healthy relationship in your surroundings in order to increase your level of happiness. So getting over your self-obsession would be better for you in every aspect of life. Here are some of the ways that you may find it useful to overcome self-obsession:


If you think yourself unique and destined to realize great goals in life, so is everyone else. What separates the great people from the rest is their humbleness. No matter how big their achievements are, they still consider themselves imperfects and remain open to learn and grow. On the other hand self-obsessed person tends to keep their focus on self and do things only in order to boost their ego without realizing the fact that they lose great opportunities and experiences in life by doing so. So to overcome self-obsession, you need to be humble and learn to respect the feeling of others.


Thinking about yourself too much is not going to help you in long run because you end up wasting lots of your valuable time doing nothing in order to improve your life. Although a little bit of thinking is essential to give direction to life and figure out the priorities, but overthinking prevents you from enjoying your life and realizing your goal in life. Always keep in mind that, it is not what you think about yourself, but what you do matter the most in life. That is why, if you want to get rid of self-obsession, you should force yourself to get indulged in whatever you need to do with a complete dedication of your attention.


As a human being, no matter how hard you try but you cannot live an isolated life for very long. We all need love and care for living our life in true sense. We all seek help from others in time of need and sharing happiness with others increases it manifold. Being generous with others enables you to develop a healthy relationship with the people in your surroundings. It is your generosities that make people want to be close to you. Being generous not only helps you divert your attention from self to others, but also give you a sense of fulfillment.

Hence, self-obsession is a state of mind that narrow your vision so that you think about your own self as well as your action only and that in turn cut you out from the rest of society. To be self-obsessed is not great because it fills your mind with all sorts of negativity such as jealousy, hatred, and pride. Due to your self-obsession, people start thinking that you are selfish, and they would not feel comfortable to be close to you. So if you want to enjoy your life to the fullest, you should make an effort to overcome self-obsession.