Best Sources of Online Income

Personal Growth

Financial freedom is essential to live life to the fullest. The key to financial freedom is creating a multiple sources of recurring monthly income. Now-a-days, there is abundance of opportunity available both offline as well as online.

The benefits of creating online source of income attract the people very much, and it is also most desired options for today's generation. There is no dearth of opportunities provided you have the required skills and resources.

This information age has equipped almost everyone to find the best suitable source of recurring monthly income based on their skills and expertise. There is abundance of information available on the Internet related to online source of income; you just have to search it.

To assist you in your effort to finalize suitable option for yourself, here are some of the best sources of online monthly income:


Blogging gives you the opportunity to share your passion with like-minded individuals. Through blogging you get an opportunity to share your knowledge about anything under the sun, be it self-help tips, business ideas, personal finance, cooking, politics, photography, or sales and marketing.

The best part is that over the period of time as you build resources on your blog, you get an opportunity to monetize your blog and create a source of online monthly recurring income. Moreover, this would be the source of passive income; you do not have to invest time for earning now because you have already done so.

This does not mean that the moment you choose to monetize your blog, you do not have to write new content in your blog. Whatever content you keep on adding into the blog, it would increase your earning potential.

Making Video

Just like blogging, videos are also the source of passive income and one of the most highly potential sources of recurring monthly income. To monetize your video by through YouTube, you need to create original videos.

While making video, you should stick to your skills so that you can create a quality content for your videos. You can create videos on any topic based on your capabilities. You can make videos of tutorial, cooking, self-help tips, or gadget reviews.


Freelancing is the best option for the recurring monthly income source provided you have the skills suitable for the job market requirement. You can work as a freelance graphic designer, copywriter, content writer, website designing, SEO, SMO and off the same.

The flexibility and time and choice of work are the biggest reward of freelancing. The benefits of freelancing have encouraged most of the people to do freelancing from part-time to full-time. The monetary reward of freelancing is always in proportion to your skills.

Online Tutoring

The world is going online and so is the student who wants to learn certain fixed subject. While there are limitations in offline teaching, students are dependent on nearby teacher, whether they are good or not. But with online tutoring students are able to hire the best teacher from around the world and so is the opportunity of tutoring is manifold online. If you feel comfortable and confident of tutoring, then online is the most suitable medium for you.

Hence, if you feel that you have stuck in your 9 to 5 jobs and not able to enjoy life. You can choose the online source of recurring monthly income provided you have the skills to earn at least what you are earning through your regular job. You have every right and reason to enjoy life and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is not to be trusted. So leverage the source of online earning to enjoy life to the fullest.