Business Promotion

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Publicity is a message from an organization which is published, broadcast by mass-media because it may be interesting, useful for the public at large. It is one of the most powerful credible tools for business promotion. It attracts the attention of public at large and creates a favorable image about organization. The information about the company is placed in the form of press release, interview or talk shows so it is free and most credible. Since it is done by third party, it is more credible.

Direct Selling

Direct selling is the oldest and most common form of business promotion. It is a process of direct selling of products or services to the prospective buyers. As it is face to face and oral communication with the potential customers, it helps the product or service provider to understand the needs and behavior of potential customers and persuade them accordingly. It also helps the product or service provider to manufacture the product or design the services according to the demand of customers.

The basic objectives of direct selling are:

To introduce the product or services to the prospective customer with a personal touch.

To create demand for the product or services by making people aware about the benefits it has to offer.

To clarify the doubts of customer personally.

To sell the product or services at lower cost.


Advertising is an effective tool of business promotion to make people aware of and favourably inclined towards the product and services provided by the organization. It is a paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of product or services by an identified sponsor.

The basic adjectives of advertising are:

To inform prospective buyers about the features of products or services and their availability in the market.

To persuade people to buy the product or hire services.

To stimulate repeated purchase of product or services.

To enhance the goodwill of the company and convince current buyers that they made the right decisions by choosing the company product or services.

Sales Promotion

Sales Promotion is a specific kind of promotional mix aim to stimulate purchase and increase traffic. It aims to get more profits for the business in limited time. Examples of sales promotions are:
Percent off sales

Advantage - Increased sales and market demand.

Disadvantages - Promotional expenses and less revenue in comparison of asking price.