Copywriting tricks of the trade to spark your creativity

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The core reason for copywriting in almost any business activities is for promotion purpose. Crafting compelling ads can be the difference maker in grabbing the eyeballs vs. getting a conversion.

Copywriting is tough because your target audience is not waiting to read your advertisement. You have to grab their eyeball by compelling headlines and make them go through the whole advertisement.

A huge chunk of money and your entire campaign potential success ride on the few character headlines and well-crafted description. Writing a short, snappy advertisement copy is critical for success.

Copywriting is not an inherited talent, but anyone can learn it and become more proficient with the passage of time. Here are some of the tricks of the trade to spark your creativity:

Sharpen your mind

A copywriter should not stop learning in order to get the creativity flowing naturally. As a copywriter, the information is the key to your success. Sharpen your mind by reading books, blogs, ad content of others copywriter, and anything else that attract your attention.

Use a swipe file

Like any form of creativity, copywriting becomes tough task when a copywriter does not have inspiration. A swipe file is a collection of own or others copywriting examples used by copywriter to improve their own writing, and get out of writer’s block. Keep in mind that reading copy of others will not dilute your own creativity, but motivate you to get even better.

Start writing the moment you get the assignment

Do not keep your sheet blank until you get the best ideas. It would be hard to start writing if you let the sheet blank for long. No matter what you write first, you have all the time at your disposal to rewrite later on. It is best to think and start writing about what your reader would get out of your product or services by slipping into their shoes.

Arouse Emotions

Emotions play a vital role in the success of the campaign. Often people make their buying decision based on emotion, but it should be justified with logic. It is the emotional triggers that inspire people to take action.

Adopt basic strategy

Often the basic strategy works well when creating ad content. Users are not interested much to read the whole advertisement. They simply look for information faster by going through the headlines to check it lines up with their intent or not. That is why adopting the basic strategy of putting keywords and benefits while writing headlines performs well.

Add a storytelling angle

People relate themselves with stories because it connects them through emotion. Facts related to offer and discount only inform them, but it is story that really motivate them to take action. The success of your campaign or survival of the advertising world revolves around stories.

Be clear and concise

As a copywriter you enjoy very little dedicated attention from your target audience. You cannot afford to make your audience go through the long winded copy full of jargon and waffle. Make sure to keep only that sentences that give value to your reader.

Use numbers in your headline

Headlines with numbers are very attractive and most effective. Using direct number and discount in your headline grabs the eyeball of the target audience. Numbers signify a sense of predictability in a world where uncertainty is inevitable.

Have a conversational writing style

As a thumb rule, you should have a conversational and informal writing style. Make sure you do not write bigger paragraphs; two sentences in a paragraph are enough. Long paragraphs can be daunting for the audience. Do not use “big” words and keep the sentence short.

Have an opening and closing loop

As a copywriter, you have to make sure that your target audience reads your whole copy despite knowing the facts that he is not intended to look for your ad copy. You should raise questions in the mind of the reader through your well-crafted headline which they need to read next paragraph to find the answers and so on.

Create urgency

To convert your target audience into a customer, you should use the benefits of power words like “Now”, “Fast”, or “Best” to create urgency. Power words tap into deep rooted emotional fears or aspirations of your target reader.


Proofreading is one of the crucial aspects of copywriting. Through proofreading you come to know about the mistakes and waffle. At proof reading stage you have to make sure that it is ready to be published. Take your time, find mistakes and fix them.

In the end, patience is the key to learn the beautiful form art of copywriting. Once you master the skill of copywriting, you would be able to take your business to a new height at a blazing speed. Your readers look over your writing for their own purpose not what you want from them. Capture the attention of your reader by answering the question what is in it for them.

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