Be aware about cyber safety

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With the advancement of information and communication technology, internet is the major tool for information exchange and it is expanding day by day. The information exchanged through the internet is easy and fast. You can communicate with people on social media all over the world at any time. However, the drawback of the internet is that anybody in any part of the world is able to know about the personal data of another person unless appropriate cyber safety precaution is taken.

Being aware about cyber safety can help you to protect yourself from becoming victim of cybercrime. Cyber safety is all about safe and responsible use of information and communication technology. Cyber safety meant to keep the information safe, secure, and also be careful enough to protect that information with online threats. Now a day, Information and communication technology are used to collect and store information, especially sensitive information.

However, if the personal and sensitive information is not secured, it would be vulnerable to the attackers. Cyber security also deals with being respectful with the information of other people as well. Being responsible with other people information protects oneself from becoming the assailant of cybercrime. Here are some cyber safety measures that you need to be aware while being online:

Safe web browsing

Safe web browsing is a vital tool to protect the system and stored data from potential risk. You need to follow an important set of guidelines while browsing for self-protection. While browsing the web, you are making connections to strangers, as their servers well as. In case you are not careful you end up having your confidential date stolen, and your files gone forever. That is why, it is essential to understand the risk of online behavior and ensure your safety from viruses and malwares:

* You should keep your operating system updated.
* Always install updated antivirus and keep it running on your computer.
* Make sure to not reveal personal information to anyone other than those you trust completely.
* Be cautious of offers that seem too good to be true, otherwise you would be an easy target to the scamster.
* Use a set of strong passwords to safeguard your online account.
* Ensure safety with two-factor authentication whenever possible.
* Make sure to download or install a new application from verifiable sources.
* Have proper backup because there is no such thing like 100% security.
* Visit only secures HTTPS websites.
* Do not click links in emails from non-trusted sources.
* Clear the cache on your browser regularly.
* Avoid websites that ask for your personal or banking details in return for money; these are scams.

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Identity protection

Identity protection is a very important step against theft because it is your identity that defines who you are in cyber space. Your unique individuality consists of name, address, contact information, bank account, credit and debit card number etc. Tips to protect identities are:

* Make sure to create log-in password for all devices
* Always use of strong password and PIN
* Be conscious about security when shopping online
* Take care while posting information on social media
* Secure your WI-Fi network
* Do not use insecure public WI-Fi network


Confidentiality of information is very important over internet. It ensures that only authorized person get access to sensitive and protected data. The right way to maintain the confidentiality of data is through:

* Ensure date encryption
* Use private browses
* Make use of firewall
* Access only safe site
* Take precaution while handling e-mail
* Avoiding use of the public network

Social networks

Now days, almost everyone who knows the use of the internet is on social media. Social networks are a group of internet-based social media websites to stay connected with loved ones, business prospects and people at large. Social network websites allow people to connect together with like-minded people and share information, photos, and videos. Now a day, social networks are used not only for personal purposes but for promotion of business as well. Some of the most popular social network websites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest etc.

Cyber trolls

Cyber trolling is Internet slang for an activity where a person intentionally and persistently starts arguments with other person by provocative posting with an intention to upset them.

In other words, trolls in cyber world are known as a person whose motives are simply to anger someone. The basic intention of trolls is to trouble others; the best way to deal with them is by frustrating them with no response.

The basic purpose of cyber trolling could be anything like:
* Entertaining self
* Seeking pleasure
* Getting attention
* Feeling powerful
* Upsetting the victim

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is a kind of bullying over electronic communication; especially by sending messages of threatening nature on mobile, computer, laptop, and tablet. The message for bullying consists of sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean information related to someone with intention to embarrass or humiliate them.

The purpose of cyber bullying could be anything like:
* To embarrass others
* To humiliate others
* To threaten others
* To upset others
* To take revenge from others